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Carilion Clinic Pharmacy

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Carilion Clinic Pharmacy
Carilion Clinic Pharmacy
Carilion Clinic Pharmacy
Carilion Clinic Pharmacy

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My brother is currently in the MICU and he has had wonderful care. His nurse, MaryBless, had been such a sweet comfort. Thanks to Dr. Thomas for her skillful hands with his surgery.

5 / 5
Julie Burnett
10 days ago

We evacuated here during the hurricane, and my 1 year old son got sick and had a life threatening heart rate of 210. The pediatric unit spent 9 hours with him getting him well again. At one point they even pulled up Moana, his favorite movies and 3 of the nurses sang to him while they drew his blood so he would feel better. It was a sweet moment. The doctors were very thorough in their search to resolve the problem.

5 / 5
Maggie Stone
24 days ago

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3 / 5

Nice clean place. When my young daughter came to see them no one came to check on is except when doctor requested. The night physician was great. The day physician invited himself and 6 other doctors in without asking us if it was ok and presented my daughter as a specimen. Put a young teen on the spot. Very unethical! He was a rude physician through the entire next day. Made us feel like we were in his way. This is not the kind of doctor I like seeing trying other doctors. To be cold and rude!!!

H Sher
5 months ago
2 / 5

I had an appointment yesterday for a Spinal Tap on the 6th floor. The staff during the procedure were great. I was sent into a waiting area, 7th floor, to lay flat for an hour and to have blood drawn. After an hour, the nurse had to call down to get someone to come up and draw blood as they never came to do it. One nurse came up, she poked me three times and couldn't get any good veins. She had to call for another nurse, the other nurse came up and with one poke, got the blood she needed. After an hour and a half of waiting, I was able to leave. One the way out the blood nurse asked the floor nurse what the blood was being drawn for, this floor nurse didn't know because he replaced my nurse and I guess they didn't communicate. I told her what it was for, as I heard my other nurse talking earlier. She then said "good to know, now I know where to deliver it too" This is a bit disturbing to me. I am hoping my blood and spinal tap fluids made it to the right place.

April Alterio
23 days ago
1 / 5

I have had nothing but bad experiences with RMH. The doctors are worried about nothing but money and not about the patients health and symptoms. I had a doctor that I used to see sweep my symptoms under the rug and blow me off after 2 other Drs advised me that I had a goiter on my thyroid that needed to be addressed. My doctor decided it was an issue that needed to be addressed after a head and neck CT found the mass. I had to have my thyroid removed then he blew me off yet once again after my surgery. He refused to do my lab work to check on my levels. I should have filed a law suit but because I am not that kind of person I just changed Drs. On to my next complaint the parking to pick up medications at the pharmacy is ridiculous. There is absolutely nowhere to park. There needs to be designated parking for this. It doesn't even matter what time of day you go it sucks!!!!! Either have a better system or make one to accommodate those whom can only get certain prescriptions there. Or have someone smart like me show you how to do it cause you seem to waste money on other useless things so why not make better parking.

Shannon Dudley
24 days ago