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Carilion Clinic Pharmacy

3.1 / 5.0

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Carilion Clinic Pharmacy
Carilion Clinic Pharmacy
Carilion Clinic Pharmacy
Carilion Clinic Pharmacy

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My husband had out patients sug.And thay was very nice.When ever I had a question thay would help me.If thay did not know thay would fine someone that did know?

5 / 5
Consuella Thornton
26 days ago

Slow sometimes to a lot in the ER. Specific when admitted, don't want a mess up. Very detailed that they saved mine, saved my moms and tried their hardest for 26 days straight to save my uncles life (natural causes). This is a trauma hospital- meaning it will get slow in the ER for guess what TRAUMA VICTOMS... good hospital.

5 / 5
Brian Morgan
1 month ago

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5 / 5

The NICU at this hospital was amazing. When my lil boy was born they allowed me to come anytime and encouraged me to come at care times so they can teach me what to do and they were overall kind. They gained my trust and I would go back for when my next baby comes (hope he/she is healthy enough not to tho)

Mystic Fitness
2 months ago
3 / 5

Nice clean place. When my young daughter came to see them no one came to check on is except when doctor requested. The night physician was great. The day physician invited himself and 6 other doctors in without asking us if it was ok and presented my daughter as a specimen. Put a young teen on the spot. Very unethical! He was a rude physician through the entire next day. Made us feel like we were in his way. This is not the kind of doctor I like seeing trying other doctors. To be cold and rude!!!

H Sher
3 months ago
1 / 5

This place is the worst EVER and I don't trust most of their staff. There are a few good doctors, but for the most part, the last month of going back and forth, I've had the most inhumane treatment in my entire life. The OBGYN specialist tells me to go to the ER if I get worse (twice), and when I get there, they tell me they can't do anything for me. Took 4 people to try to get my blood and even with an ultrasound machine, they still couldn't get an IV started so they just gave up and never came back to try again. I told them that the pain meds didn't work and they dismissed it telling me there's nothing they can do and that I need to follow up with the OBGYN (who told me to go there in the first place!) They are sending me in circles and passing the buck instead of doing their jobs! I came in with my pain on a scale at 10 out of 10, and I left with it being a 10 out of 10. They did absolutely nothing! The OGBYN approved me for surgery but is telling me that they can't do it until NOVEMBER which means I have to suffer for another month as I get worse. After what happened this morning and the way that I was treated, I'd honestly rather die and I am canceling the surgery. How can I trust your staff to cut on me when they can't simply TRY to treat the issue that I'm having now? The correct way to handle it would've been to call the OBGYN on call into the room while I was there. That department was never called even though the on call staff told me to come in before I got there by phone. They are clueless and their bedside manner SUCKS. They have no empathy whatsoever. It's as though they are using Google or SIRI to treat patients. I walked out without even getting discharge papers because I was so disgusted with the way that I was treated and I'd honestly rather bleed to death than to EVER go to this facility again.

Antoinette McIntosh
18 days ago