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Park Pharmacy, Inc.-Severna Park

4.6 / 5.0

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Best prices, fast service and the most helpful and friendly staff

5 / 5
Rick and Lynn
11 months ago

Park Pharmacy is so fast and efficient it's ridiculous. We send our patients to them because they can fill Rx's for a new customer in under 15 minutes and they are super friendly to boot.

5 / 5
Contact Laser Center
12 months ago

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5 / 5

Support local businesses (when they're worth it :P) Cheap drugs, snappy service.

Nick Rambo
1 year ago
5 / 5

Park pharmacy seems to always have my medication in stock. The best thing is though, you can be in with a script and out with your Medication all in 10 mins.

Joseph Seibert
1 year ago
3 / 5

Went there for some Canadian nipple cream for the wife. Smaller place but they had what we were looking for.

Bryant Middleton
7 months ago