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Medicine Shoppe #1569

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Medicine Shoppe #1569
Medicine Shoppe #1569
Medicine Shoppe #1569

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I love everything and everyone at medicine shoppe.!!!

5 / 5
Tammy Green
12 months ago

Always professional, courteous, & personable.

5 / 5
Deborah Shinsky
12 months ago

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5 / 5

These are the friendliest owners and they will all they can to fill your prescriptions as fast as they can!

Craig Freebairn
1 year ago
3 / 5

Overpriced and crummy hours. Use walmart.

Ben Fletcher
17 days ago
1 / 5

Dropped off my controlled (not pain medication) prescription today at this location. I have had it filled previously, at two other locations. I get it filled every month, same dose, same doctor, use my health insurance, for the past two years. I was not asked by anyone what other medications I was taking when I dropped it off. I was told it would be ready in 20 minutes. I was called at home about an hour later, and told that I was flagged in their system (DEA) of having this filled at two other locations previously, which I had and disclosed to them. Again, every month, covered by insurance, same dose, same doctor. The owner told me that she could see the other two locations that I had it filled at before in the database. The Medicine Shoppe called both of them and told me that she wouldn't fill the prescription unless I had all three of my medications filled there. I dropped off one prescription, not three. She did not have a right to call the other pharmacies and ask them about my other medication's (which are not a controlled drug). Isn't there something about HIPAA laws? I asked her what would happen if this was the first time that I was filling this controlled prescription, how would she know what other medication's I was taking, and what other pharmacy I used? She said, "we would have asked when you picked it up" ?????? My question is, if there is going to be a drug reaction, wouldn't you want to know that first so the doctor could be made aware and change it before you fill it??? I have a right to get my prescriptions filled wherever I want, you should not have known that I had prescriptions at other locations! Just because you don't want your "controlled medication ratios higher than all of the other meds that aren't controlled what of I was on only five controlled medications, would you have not filled it if that's all I was taking?? (Yes this is what she said to me, I have it recorded) You are absolutely right, you have a right to not fill it at your location. I won't be back and will never recommend anyone to your pharmacy. I feel sorry for elderly people and anyone else who get's taken advantage of because they have to get all of their meds filled there or you won't fill it? What???? Thank's for making me feel like a drug addict who is trying to pharmacy shop!!! That is totally wrong and poor customer service. She said that they were getting stricter on the laws (we all know this) and she didn't want to fill it, why not? Greed? Not because of her, "high ratio's" my other meds aren't your concern or business, unless I want to tell you or you ask me and I give you consent to ask! Clearly, that database is about controlled medication not uncontrolled. Both, Wal-Mart and Sierra Health Mart told me you called to ask them what other meds I was taking. None of your business!! Period!! The medications are prescribed by the same doctor!!!!! You told me you can see it in the database. She also said that all pharmacies are do I g this. That you must have all of your prescriptions filled with the same pharmacy. I said I am 41 years old, have had these same prescriptiions with two locations and have never been told this from them or anyone else. Why lie and why did you call the other pharmacies?? This is wrong and I hope people see what you are doing and choose a honest pharmacy, not one that makes you feel like I did today.

Heather mccraw
6 months ago