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Accokeek Drug & Healthcare

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Great place they always take care of me! Wonderful local Business!

5 / 5
kristin Ziesing
7 months ago

Accokeek Drug & Health Care is like a step in to the past when customer service mattered they really bend over backwards for their customers you are not just a number to these folks they are very professional but friendly at the same time. I would without a doubt recommend using them over the big box chain drugs stores. They truly are the best!

5 / 5
Jack Bleiberg
1 year ago

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5 / 5

SIMPLY THE BEST ! I have been going to Accokeek Drug since 2001. Joe the owner believes in caring for the Customer first. They will do everything they can to get Your medication , for You. The chains stores have no flexibility in ordering. Was at a local chain store recently and my medicine was out of stock. They told me it would be in next week, and they would not hold any for me. It is first come first served. I would run out before it came in. How can they stay in business ? (forgot about insurance companies who force you into using there store's ) Accokeek Drug will go out of there way for You. It feels good to walk in and be greeted by your name. Joe and his crew will always take care of you. Note: to rental customer Sounds like you did not read Your receipt. You did not notice the amount deference of $200, $150 and $350 in your bank account/charge?

Belle s
2 years ago
1 / 5

They pick and choose why you need them. If they cant handle all your prescriptions they dont want to handle any of your prescriptions

Tym Turner
7 months ago
1 / 5

I called and asked if they had my medication they said yes went all the way up there refused to fill it cause my insurance. Claiming they could not bill them. Did not even try to run it through just took one look at my card and said he could not fill it. I have never had this happen anywhere else. I have never even heard of that and my ex used to have the same ins. And got his filled there. Make sure you specify what ins. You have or you are in danger of being denied for reasons that make no sense and are unheard of

lynn nevada
9 months ago