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Salud Pharmacy Commerce City

3.0 / 5.0
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Salud Pharmacy Commerce City

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4 / 5

United health insurance sent me here for diabetic checkup. 80% Hispanic. Employees were nice.

tom cox
18 days ago
3 / 5

This place is a mess, from scheduling issues to getting lab results the admin staff have no idea what there are doing 80% of the time. I only continue to go to this clinic because a few of the doctors are by far the best I have ever found.

Jacci Perry
6 days ago
2 / 5

There are great people who work there but unfortunately the system there is terrible. Today I had an appointment and I was running late, which I take full responsibility for. But at 7:32am I began to call many times and my appointment was at 7:40am. The reason why I kept calling was because I wanted to let them know I was running late and to ask if I needed to reschedule. So every time I called the recorded message kept saying the clinic was closed!!! So after calling like seven times I finally arrive 12 minutes late to my appointment. When I walk in all the lights at the entrance are turned off and no one at the front desk to guide the patients where they needed to go. I assumed I had to go to the blue sitting area because that's where I always get told to go, when I go to my appointments during afternoon hours. When I arrived to the blue sitting area someone finally tells me I was supposed to go to the red sitting area. I go to the red sitting area and was asked to fill out some information and after I finished I was told I couldn't be seen. I understand that, but I also strongly believe the phones should be answered the moment the clinic opens (7:30am). If Someone had answered the million phone calls I made, I would have rescheduled and saved not only my disappointment but also the trouble of driving all the way their to realize how unorganized and terrible their customer service is. I say that because I find it ridiculous that the clinic opens at 7:30am and patients are scheduled during that time but the phone calls are not answered until after 8:00am. Like I mentioned before, there are great doctors who work there and who care about the patients but the clinic needs more organization when communicating with patients.

Crystal M
3 months ago
1 / 5

I went to salud in commerce city. The problem came when they wanted to "fix" a filling I had no previous problem or pain with. After 5 visits and 3months of pain lack of sleep they had to re do the filling again. I am still suffering pain every day. It's been almost a month since my last visit. Some of the doctors rolled their eyes chuckled at or just completely disregarded my concerns. " I thought I already fixed that?" Yeah but the pain never went away so they had to re-do it and left it high again. Roles eyes chuckles whispers to nurse and walks away. This is 3 months 5 visits in. Still pain....... This is an update I went to Comfort Dental which is about 10 minutes away from salud. I went for one appointment and they fixed every problem, quickly, and I no longer had pain. I've been continuing to go there and have had great success! I would never ever ever ever go to Salud for dental work. EVER!

Cruz Fletcher
12 days ago
1 / 5

This is the WORST clinic! One of the front desk lady's yells mpersonal information across the room instead of calling people up to discuss it with them. Most of the front desk people are so involved with their own conversations that you're treated like a bother to them. They were giving one of my kids extra immunization shots because they never bothered to update the system with the shots she received from out of state but I was told they did in 2012 wasn't until this year 5 years later that I found out they didn't ever add them into the system after finally clearing that all up the same child was scheduled to receive on of her last shots and one hour before the appointment the clinic calls me to reschedule because the doctor was apparently not in, it would have been nice to know befor I had already picked up my child from school making her miss a half day of learning for NOTHING. Then my appointment for my newborn took much longer than it should have, I had to ask the front desk if the doctor knew I was there because my appointment was already 30 mins late. We sat in the room for at least another 30-45 mins waiting for the doctor to even go in. We scheduled another appointment as we left and randomly I get a call with a confused person to reschedule, our appointment was Friday with a time that worked for my schedule and it was rescheduled for Wednesday I told her none of the times worked but she was not understanding so the appointment was scheduled and I went through all the trouble of making arrangements for pick ups for my other children so I could be there for the appointment when I showed up Wednesday I was told my appointment was Friday, I left and Thursday I get a call saying my daughter missed her appointment! Also I understand people need a lunch and/or do training but seriously does the entire building need to close down?? If so why isnt it listed in the hours or why is there not a sign saying when they'll be back everyday people walk up confused to why the building is locked mid-day. This place just over-all has crappy customer service skills.

Julianne Echevarria
16 days ago