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Salud Pharmacy Commerce City

3.2 / 5.0
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Salud Pharmacy Commerce City

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4 / 5

They have all the services you need pretty nice place but the grounds need to be kept up Pretty Dirty in the parking lot

Tony Huerta
1 month ago
4 / 5

Was seem quickly and instantly became aware that my treatment team honestly cared about my a Multiple Sclerosis. They didn't prescribe narcotics or xanax. .not happy about that. With my disease, those meds are crucial.

Rusty Trucks
1 month ago
3 / 5

The clinick always over scheduals appointments for the docs so be prepared to wAit a while. Least an hr or nore for your appnt time

Kendra Voorhis
6 days ago
2 / 5

There are great people who work there but unfortunately the system there is terrible. Today I had an appointment and I was running late, which I take full responsibility for. But at 7:32am I began to call many times and my appointment was at 7:40am. The reason why I kept calling was because I wanted to let them know I was running late and to ask if I needed to reschedule. So every time I called the recorded message kept saying the clinic was closed!!! So after calling like seven times I finally arrive 12 minutes late to my appointment. When I walk in all the lights at the entrance are turned off and no one at the front desk to guide the patients where they needed to go. I assumed I had to go to the blue sitting area because that's where I always get told to go, when I go to my appointments during afternoon hours. When I arrived to the blue sitting area someone finally tells me I was supposed to go to the red sitting area. I go to the red sitting area and was asked to fill out some information and after I finished I was told I couldn't be seen. I understand that, but I also strongly believe the phones should be answered the moment the clinic opens (7:30am). If Someone had answered the million phone calls I made, I would have rescheduled and saved not only my disappointment but also the trouble of driving all the way their to realize how unorganized and terrible their customer service is. I say that because I find it ridiculous that the clinic opens at 7:30am and patients are scheduled during that time but the phone calls are not answered until after 8:00am. Like I mentioned before, there are great doctors who work there and who care about the patients but the clinic needs more organization when communicating with patients.

Crystal M
5 months ago
1 / 5

RUDE, LAZY, UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF If you come here you better make sure you have an entire free day because I promise you your appointment will take anywhere from 45 mins to 2.5 hours, look outside of the room they leave you in and you’ll see all the doctors and nurses standing around talking and laughing like it’s a party out there. Then when you ask if they know when you’ll be seen the nurses roll their eyes and with attitude say they’ll tell you they took several emergency appointments which even if that’s true why do their even have you schedule appointments to be seen? If you tell them you really can’t wait because you have a screaming 24 month old that is tired and hungry, they’ll tell you to reschedule your appointment if you’re tired of waiting for hours and hours.

Julianne Echevarria
1 month ago