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Gardena Professional Pharmacy

3.3 / 5.0
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Gardena Professional Pharmacy

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Great staff and response time. They always remember my name (and that of my family) and I always feel welcomed. Thanks Gardena Professional Pharmacy!

5 / 5
Michelle Busby
8 months ago

Vic, Zilpa and Pharmacist Tim could not be more helpful. They are people we trust and depend on monthly. We switched months ago and had all of our prescriptions transferred there and we could not be more pleased and satisfied. They go above and beyond and undoubtedly know the true meaning of customer service.

5 / 5
Rick Cadabona
2 years ago

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5 / 5

My favorite pharmacy, bar none. Tim and his great staff go the extra mile. This is a model of what a pharmacy should be. Far superior to CVS, Rite Aid, Costco, etc. If you want great service, reasonable prices and a pleasurable experience, go to GARDENA PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY!

A Google User
9 years ago
3 / 5

i have had a very good and personable experience until Friday evening. I went in to pick up my medication like I always do. I have insurance that covers my meds, so I was surprised when I was presented with an $8 bill. I wanted to ask about my medication and what it does in my body. Who better to ask than the pharmacist. After all they study medications so I figure someone there could answer my questions about the two medications. The assistant pharmacist, who had always been professional called the on duty pharmacist, who I have never seen there. She came over and introduced herself. I began asking my questions. She was ok at first, but she began to cut me off while I was asking about what the medication would do and if there was any other medication I could take instead of those two. She would not wait for me to finish my question so she was not answering the question I was asking. She was agitated and very rude, like she was taking it personal. I tranferred to Walgreen, because I know that they will answer my questions and be much more professional than that woman pharmacist at Gardena Professional Pharmacy. It goes to show how one bad experience can cause the loss of business. I'm glad I changed because sometimes Gardena Pharmacy doesn't carry medication I might need, but with Walgreen I found out that they always have my meds, and the prescription they were charging me for at the first pharmacy is covered under my insurance at Walgreen. So thank you mean girl Pharmacist you did me a favor darlin.

Myra Ware
3 years ago
1 / 5

Continuously receiving SPAM emails from this place. Amazingly they say that I am getting them because I opted-in to there newsletter (Yeah! Sure I did). I never do business with places that use or support SPAM tactics.

A Google User
9 years ago