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Bay Pharmacy #1

4.5 / 5.0

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Bay Pharmacy #1
Bay Pharmacy #1
Bay Pharmacy #1
Bay Pharmacy #1

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This is the quintessential small town drugstore. Even though the merchandise is new we always feel we're going back in time when we step in here. All the staff are wonderful, very friendly, and the business is tapped into the local community- they support a lot of groups and good causes. We love them!

5 / 5
2 months ago

I love this place and the staff! No drive thru which means no waiting in lines. If you have a prescription to be due for a refill, just call on your way, and by the time you get there - bam, they're ready!

5 / 5
Christina Johnson
9 months ago

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5 / 5

This is not your typical pharmacy. I would give them 100 stars. They care about you the person. From opening up at 5 am to get a prescription filled, to helping with medicare enrollment, ensuring you get the best prices. You name it, they are there for you. Don't be fulled that the big chains are going to save you money, they care only about the bottom dollar. I have saved hundreds thanks to Bay Pharmacy. They give me piece of mind. The entire staff is amazing. LOVE LOVE them!

Mary Parrish
1 year ago
4 / 5

Cute little family owned pharmacy. Meds are good price but retail stuff is WAY overpriced!

sikbeck carpenter
8 months ago
1 / 5

I have only had about 3-4 times that I have had to use Bay Pharmacy. I'm not impressed. I have not had to use compound prescriptions before and I didn't know a lot about them. Went to pick up the first one and was told that I would have to come back and pick it up as they didn't have time to make it. I explained I drive an hour there and back and that we really needed to get my husband on them as soon as possible. After a few minutes they finally agreed to make them. I wasn't told that they would only be good for one week. Yes I used expired medication in my husbands extremely infected eye. I called the pharmacy back and explained and of course there was excuses made as why I was not informed about this. I had to have another bottle made and of course was told that I would have to come back and get it, after going round with them this time they finally made the medication, however the exp. date wasn't legible. A few days goes by and I get a call from Gordon asking about my husband and if I needed another bottle please let them know they would give me one on the house. Well unfortunately my husband has another infection in the same eye and needed not one but two compound medications. The doctor's office called the RX in because they know we drive a ways to get there. Once we got there we was told only one of them was ready and again I would have to come back the next day. I asked why and was told the lady made the medication but didn't check it and left for the day and when it was checked it was to acidic and would have to be remade for the next day of course this meant I would have to drive an hour there and back. I wasn't happy as my husband needed the medication. We left with just one medication. Called this morning to see about the other one that needed to be filled. I was told it would be sometime today but didn't know when. Then was told that just because the Doctor wrote a RX didn't mean that you had to start the medication right away it was ok to wait 24-48 hours to start the medication. No if the doctor puts you on a medication chances are that he wants you on it ASAP. My husband has been dealing with a ulcer to the right eye with a laceration 6mm that was infected(given only 5% chance of saving his eye). We have been dealing with this since March 5th. No he didn't have contacts in when this happened. After all the dealing with the staff today and in the past I found another compound pharmacy that actually mixed the medication right the first time and didn't make me make trips after trips. I will say they did comp the medication yesterday. For someone that was new at this pharmacy they sure need to work on their customer service. I worked in a pharmacy in my teen years and my boss Ray would have never treated anyone like we have been treated.

Kim Frey
6 months ago