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Reliable Pharmacy

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Reliable Pharmacy

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Customer service at Reliable is top notch. Brayan, Will, Manager Mina, and Pharmacist Fred have always been supportive of my family's needs when other pharmacies couldn't or wouldn't. Our quality of life would be nothing, without this team. NO pharmacy cares more than Reliable!

5 / 5
Grant Etnyre
6 months ago

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4 / 5

Well I have been commin here for about 13yrs. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Negative comments I read do not seem realistic to what I have expierenced over the years. However to each his own and all i know is the staff cares more than big chains and always goes out of there way for there patient's.

Mz Mina
2 months ago
1 / 5

I called to see if they had a transfer belt / gate belt for a man. The girl said they did for $19.99. I specifically requested one completely made out of Velcro not belt material and NO metal buckle. How hard is to understand? She said they definitely had that one specificallyand she had plenty. I had my sister take a different route home specifically to pick up the Velcro belt and to my disappointment they only have the one I specifically told the girl I DID NOT WANT! I then called at 6:57pm and rang and rang and at 7:01 I got hung up on by the phone system. Lazy workers who could care less about people's time or money.

Aging Valley Girl Marilyn
1 month ago
1 / 5

More like UNRELIABLE!!! . They lost my husbands prescription, were unprofessional and rude about it. Finally after the hospital called -they found it. This is not good patient care. Terrible terrible place. Go to Walmart.

Patia Velazquez
3 months ago
1 / 5

Used to have no problem with this company but now they are shady and don't care about their patients. Nothings ever in stock and they give you an attitude now. I will never do my business with them again

Eric orlow
7 months ago