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Whitesell Pharmacy-Frederick

4.3 / 5.0

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Whitesell Pharmacy-Frederick
Whitesell Pharmacy-Frederick

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One of the few non-chain pharmacies left. The customer service is above & beyond what you'll get in any other chain pharmacy. They're always friendly & courteous & have enough staff on hand so that you don't have to wait in long lines. They also do specialized Rx compounding & provide medical equipment. It's extremely convenient to have all these services in one location. Great pharmacy!

5 / 5
dave nesbit
6 months ago

Everyone is very nice who works here. The wait times are pretty fast. The hardest part about Whitesell's is the business hours.

5 / 5
Kimberly V
9 months ago

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4 / 5

Conveniently for getting hard to get meds like OxyC. Friendly staff and all the normal pharmacy supply available. Nice to work with a Mom n pop store vs a chain yet that has one major issue. DONT let them give you half of your prescription!!! You are attached at the hips and while legal to do the pharmacist is not willing to transfer a med. For example Valium, ambien, lyrica, which have strong legal issues attached can still be transferred but the CHOOSE not to provide the full script(even if you are able to pay your self for the rest)!

Honey bunniees
1 month ago
2 / 5

Had a great chat with a lady by phone. Asking about a drug that may or may not be on the shelf. I stated that I contact 2 other pharmacies. Both stated the same not available but if you bring the script in we'll have it ordered in a few days. I called Whitesell for I would like to switch to this med now for my daughter. Response was classic. We don't give out controlled substance information. You can't say if you have it or not? You'll need to show reason for it. Script insurance card & driver's license. As if I am going to waste a drive of 20 miles to the practice get said script. Drive 5 more to you. Then hunt for a parking spot before happy hour starts. For you to say no but we can order it. That will be 3 to 5 business days. Thanks for making an easy question so darn complicated.

Esther Read
1 year ago
1 / 5

Hopeless place I work for home healthcare We frequently require durable equipment;such as, wheelchairs, hospital beds, bath chairs etc. the equipment we receive is substandard at exorbitant prices. When the equipment brakes down (they always do); good luck with getting maintenance/repair support! When one does complain about services the staff are very rude. On the positive side; if the service person does come ; after four months, he will be really polite.

Pumo Tina
11 months ago