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Ryan Pharmacy And Orthopedic Supply

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Dave the salesman was very responsive to my needs. He treated me with respect and found the best tens unit for my situation. I will be coming back again.

5 / 5
Mark Harris
29 days ago

I think (Tom Zapiecki) you have the wrong place. We have no automated survey on our phone system. Also, we do not ask for any personal information on the phone system. Please try us again, I think you will find us very helpful. Tim Ryan

5 / 5
Allie Ryan
1 year ago

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4 / 5

Nice workers to help you and they are fast and quick follow your in and out the door

Alyssa Loach
1 year ago
3 / 5

I walked around looking for what I needed. Usually they greet at door and follow to assist you. Thank goodness I found what I knew I needed.

Rochelle B
9 months ago
1 / 5

After fighting with workers comp OHIO. I Was granted approval for an Adjustable hospital bed in the IC hearing. I Have no employer to appeal the hearings officers decision. Ohio B W C DID NOT SEND anyone to the hearing. They would have if they had not known for a fact that it's my Right under worker's compensation I spoke with my IC Customer Service on Monday and in a conference call with the MCO and got approval I informed Ryan's sales person and told them I needed to get a longer wider bed I was informed that all my needs would be met then they showed up with a semi automatic lowest Rated bed just meets safety standards and for the mattress I explained to the salesman I Needed a Firm mattress and a topper to keep the pressure points from causing pain and sores that getting a good night's sleep without the pain&soreness that not getting a good night's sleep in 7 or 8 years all the while listening to Ryan's hold ad stating that they only carried the highest quality product then Rush me the cheapest used equipment they had and Had me sign that I was the renter and wouldn't slow down to read what I was signing I tried to add ntr on the paperwork before he took it but he was pushy and extremely Rushing to sing before I Read it was in my name nothing from bwc IC hearing transcript and Order Having been a Good Neighbor customer for 20 years I'm sickened by this entire process they Put there self and the Insurance Company Above the customer that's- 5 stars to me

Russell Squire
3 months ago