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Beckwith Pharmacy

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Beckwith Pharmacy
Beckwith Pharmacy
Beckwith Pharmacy
Beckwith Pharmacy

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Fast friendly service.

5 / 5
Matt Zeiss
8 months ago

Best pharmacy I have ever been too! They are cheaper than most. They have outstanding customer service and they fill your presciption fast ! I cannot tell you how many times I have received a call from Walgreens in Troy saying my prescription was ready and I get there and they tell me it will be a couple more hours. Not to mention how rude they are. I just went there for convenience of the drive thru. I must say I will definitely never be going back and this will be my new go to pharmacy!!! :)

5 / 5
Lynzie Smith
1 year ago

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5 / 5


Emily Hambrick
1 year ago
4 / 5

Inexpensive prices

Donald Eichorn
3 months ago
1 / 5

Called to inquire about my daughters prescription and was told it has been sitting there since the 14th. The girl on the other end was extremely rude and said they were not going to fill it because it costs $80. No phone call to me about needing her insurance card or anything has occurred. I told her the card should be on file as I have picked up previous prescriptions her reply was a lovely and rude *loud sigh* followed by "I'll go check." Before I could say anything I was placed on hold. The manager Dale, who was also less than helpful, comes back saying they don't have the insurance card. Funny how Medicine Shoppe here in Troy had NO problem filling my daughter's prescription a few months back despite it would cost us almost $200 but Beckwith Pharmacy refuses?!?! I did not realize it was legal to refuse to fill medication prescribed by a doctor. Anyway, when I explained to Dale how rude the girl was on the phone there was no apology, no signs of remorse, no change in tone...NOTHING! Apparently, the customer service given from Beckwith is no service at all. I will never recommend anyone use them and my family won't make the mistake again.

Trisha Lynn
2 years ago