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West Pharmacy

3.2 / 5.0
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West Pharmacy

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Great pharmacy, good customer service and personal attention, the best pharmacy to deal with for hard to find meds.

5 / 5
Zee Tawil
3 years ago

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4 / 5

Good prices and good customer service, large selection OC medical supplies and pretty well priced.

Natasha Helischauer
29 days ago
4 / 5

Came to purchase a shower chair for elderly mom. Several to choose from - pricing was reasonable for medical equipment. Compare to CVS, RITE AID, etc. Clerk at counter did warn us that there is NO RETURNS, so pick wisely.

roxanne morrill
1 year ago
1 / 5

They tricked my grandma into spending $200 on a walker that's selling for $50ish everywhere else. They refuse to return it even though its only been 2 days and still completely unused. It's sick that a place is preying on the elderly who don't know that they are paying 4x what they should.

kylie ratto
9 months ago
1 / 5

I had an ankle surgery and I wasent given a leg cast protector. So I called them and they said they had a regular adult leg cast shower protector for around $25.00. I sent my friend to go get it for me. He came home with a FULL LEG cast protector. I had just called them and they said they had the standard one in stock. WHY would anyone buy or use a full leg at nag when they only needed one that went to the knee. It was also $29.99 plus tax Not to mention that I should have purchased it from Amazon for $15.97. So my friend went back to exchange or refund it. THEY REFUSED ! They sold us the wrong item and then refused to fix it. There is NO VISABLE SIGN about no exchanges and the sales slip you received after your sale says all sales are final. Please DO NOT support this business when they refused to fix their mistake. Buy from AMAZON not West Pharmacy. Thank you, Catherine O.

catherine olsen
1 year ago