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College Park Pharmacy

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The best.

5 / 5
Bob Burnette
4 months ago

Friendly and great service

5 / 5
Nikki Scannell
6 months ago

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5 / 5

We like going here on an occasional Wednesday for the daily special of country style steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. Good portions and has always been delish. Very friendly servers.

Jim Antley
7 months ago
3 / 5

Nice friendly people

Lisa Knight
1 month ago
1 / 5

I go into the store in Gastonia & the store in Belmont to shop in the sports section. Every year I spend at least $200 at Christmas buying for my sons & other males in the family. Well, this year I did the same. I purchased 2 car tags for my son and I was going to let him choose the one he wanted and return the other. I purchased the merchandise on Dec 13 and went in on Dec 20 to return the 2nd tag. First of all I was over charged for the tag. The price tag said $39.95 and I was charged $39.99(not a big deal you would think) and I didn't even notice that fact until I tried to bring the tag back and secondly I was told they would not give me a refund because I didn't have the Credit Card the purchase was made on. Now I had the receipt with me when I went in. It wasn't like I was trying to return something without a receipt. They had to make a phone call to the owner and discuss the fact that I was charged 4 cents too much. He actually made the girl go and look for another tag to see what the price on the tag was. Let me point out that if he was paying her minumum wage at best; it took her at least 20 minutes & 10 of that looking for another tag like the one I purchased equalling over a dollar for her to chase this down. Then I guess the manager shows up & tells me they can't refund my money because I didn't have my husband's CC with me the original purchase was made on. Now let's break this down. They had my money already as the transaction had cleared and I had the receipt with me & I drove from Mt Holly to make the return. She goes on to explain no retailer gives cash refunds against purchases made on a credit card. I beg to differ, but despite that fact, that policy is not written anywhere. They have the policy 'no refunds after 30 days and on sale items', but nothing about not giving a cash refund against a credit card purchase WITH A RECEIPT & WITHIN 30 DAYS. Any other time I would probably have let this go but I was pushed for time and can't understand why this was such a BIG DEAL that they would lose a customer over $40. Like I said I shop here frequently & we go bowling in Belmont frequently, and I try to shop small retailers. I like the convience of not having to order stuff online. This experience has forever changed my mind. I asked them if the people I purchased the stuff for would have this much trouble if they tried to exchange it and they said yes without a receipt. They told me they give gift receipts but the people I gave gift to would not have the credit card & I was told they would have problems exchanging the gifts. This is a bunch of crap. DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!

Alisha Smith
2 years ago