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Drug Emporium # 220

4.5 / 5.0

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Drug Emporium # 220
Drug Emporium # 220
Drug Emporium # 220
Drug Emporium # 220

Top Reviews

Quick. Friendly. Lots of healthy food choices. Lots of organic. And has a cheaper pharmacy with fast service.

5 / 5
christopher Starling
15 days ago

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4 / 5

Have good things you need no where else to be found. Prices are too much.

Marie Mitchell
14 days ago
4 / 5

Hard to beat their selection of health food and vitamins. Prices are very fair. Location is sometimes difficult to navigate in and out.

Travis Brice
2 months ago
4 / 5

The cashier's are always the sweetest and eager b to help... The store is very organized and easy to locate items...a weekly stop for me

Dale Hebert
2 months ago
1 / 5

The store has a great selection of goods especially Vitamins, however it is organized very poorly. They organize their vitamin section by brand rather than by type of vitamin. Their prices are always changing as well... Going up is usually the case...I'm always finding two to three different price tag amounts on the same product. Whole foods is now getting to be cheaper than drug emporium ever since Amazon bought them up. Also drug emporium never honors the same policy on returns... It is a dishonest store in my opinion.

Katie Larson
1 month ago