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Realo Discount Drugs

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Realo Discount Drugs

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The Pharmacists Carl and Heather are very personable and take the time to get to really know their customers👍and the staff knows me by name as well and is always friendly and outgoing and eager to help me in any way they can. I originally switched Pharmacy's. Because I. Didn't. Have insurance and their prices were cheaper than everybody elses 👍 I love my Realo and when I can't make it by there to get my meds they deliver them to me 😍Awesome people awesome service Awesome store 👍

5 / 5
Autumn Lynn
3 months ago

Very personable team who take time to get to know their customers! There have been many times these guys have gone out of their way for our family to make sure our medicine is correct. Thank you guys!!!

5 / 5
Cherie Johnson
3 months ago

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5 / 5

Always helpful and friendly.

Michell Nichols
5 months ago
5 / 5

Great home town friendly drug store

Diane Beasley
8 months ago
5 / 5

Always helpful to answer questions

Nathan Massengill
9 months ago