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Reef Family Pharmacy

4.4 / 5.0

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Reef Family Pharmacy
Reef Family Pharmacy
Reef Family Pharmacy
Reef Family Pharmacy

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GREAT family orientated pharmacy! It's so nice to go to your pharmacy and when you walk in you are greeted by your name and asked how you are doing. This is the BEST pharmacy that I have ever been. Everyone that works there is so nice, polite and ALWAYS make you feel EXTREMELY comfortable!

5 / 5
Jessie Lashley
2 months ago

Wonderful people to deal with. Prescriptions filled quickly and accurately. Even the home delivery service is fantastic. Highly Recommended.

5 / 5
Brenda Messick
9 months ago

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5 / 5

It's a mom and pop pharmacy that's got a very friendly staff and they fill your prescriptions fast and accurate. Plenty of staff working so you get taken care of nice and quick! !!!

Bob Keeler
10 months ago
5 / 5

This Pharmacy is amazing. The staff is friendly..they are helpful with your medication . It is a family atmosphere not like the Big Box Pharmacies who do not care about you because there are a million clients. I am happy to go to a business where they know their clients and medication . I highly recommend them if you want to feel like a actual person and not a number- Ann C

antoinette conville
1 year ago
3 / 5

Went in to this office with my mother's friend to pick up a prescription for my mother that just had surgery on her shoulder. As we approached the desk my mother's friend asked where the drop off was the lady looked at us like a deer In headlights as I pointed to the sign directing ourselves to the desk. The lady said she needed to call her pain management to make sure she can fill the script we said ok and waited for 3 or 4 minutes. The lady was kind of huffing and puffing then lifts her head and says in a very annoyed tone "I've been on hold for 4 minutes what else do you want me to do?" My mother's friend says "ok well can you maybe try to call again? What's with the attitude?" She then rolled her eyes and proceeded to wait and not 30 seconds later she was connected. Then she was put on hold again shortly after speaking with someone for Dr. Antabi office and began to tell her co coworkers to look at the script saying "look, this Doesn't look right" as her co workers would agree and shake there heads and chi ile as if it were high school drama. Long story linger we did not receive good customer service and I was very displeased with that as I work in the hospitality industry. Now I don't know what is going on in her life but she may want to rethink her profession because this may not be it. The only reason i am leaving 3 stars is because the manager/owner was a very nice gentleman greeting anyone and everyone walking in. I would hate to hit him hard with a score because of a few unprofessional people in his practice but maybe customer service needs to be re-addressed. I did not ask for her name but she's short, heavy set, and has freckles.

John Devaney
5 months ago