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Health Clinic Pharmacy

2.8 / 5.0
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Health Clinic Pharmacy
Health Clinic Pharmacy
Health Clinic Pharmacy
Health Clinic Pharmacy

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They were professional and I had a copy of my birth certificate in 10 mins. I went tuesday at 10a and it was no line. I filled out a paper which was short , paid my fees and it was given to me. I was expecting this to take forever and was looking for the horrific line, but there was not one. Thankyou :-)

5 / 5
24 days ago

Great staff, I have the best doctor, thank you all so much for helping me. I am so blessed that we have people to help us in need !

5 / 5
patty boyington
5 months ago

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2 / 5

Normally when I call the appointment line to schedule a next day appointment I don't have an issue. Sometimes who I speak with sounds rude but I ignore the attitude because scheduling a appointment is more important. My doctor won't be available for tomorrow at the women's center, so I had to call southwest health center to transfer me over to the appointment line for all locations because I was put on hold and got hung up on. I've been on hold for an hour n a half now JUST TO SCHEDULE A NEXT DAY APPOINTMENT. I dont know what's going on, I've never had this issue but I will just have to go to a local urgent care. I just hope next time this isn't a problem for me.

Jasmine Pitre
3 months ago
1 / 5

Very rude people. No respect. I got here and had everything i needed to re certify wic and they said you need to read the panflit before coming next time i said i have everything you need .. I asked her how i didnt have what i needed and she laughed at me rude as heck. The other woman sitting on her cell phone doing nothing. Must be nice to get paid and play on ypur phone. Very rude people cant wait to move again.

Jessika Bailey
17 days ago
1 / 5

I have had a couple bad experience's​ here (which is every time I've gone). I went to get my kids put on WIC, when I got into the lady's office I was greeted with an exteremly rude and unhelpful woman. I am a dad and all she would tell me is she can't help me because I'm not the mother. Mind you at the time my wife was the only one working and couldn't get up there. I recently​ went up there for a foot injury. I have been limping for about 10 days before I decided it was time to go. I get there and was told they will have an x-ray done but after that they will call me if it's not normal. During the x-ray (the tech in there was awesome) it was very evident there was a BB in my foot. She took it to the Dr, hand delivered it (we waited in the waiting room while she did) and then was told we could leave because the radiologist would have to look at it. It has since been several days and I've called once and was told that Dr was not there that day. Called again (both times they had issues pulling up my visit to even see what Dr saw me) and was told oh well that Dr has left for today but we will give her a message. Each day the pain gets worse as the BB is pressing into the bone in the bottom of my foot. Iam now just going to pay the full cost and go to an actual Drs office where someone is actually willing to help.

Mike Sanford
7 months ago