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Chase Brexton Pharmacy-Randallstown

3.5 / 5.0

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My Son's pediatrician is knowledgeable. Dr. Pickering is kind, caring and thorough! We love her.

5 / 5
Lisa Adams
1 month ago

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The staff...omgosh!!!! Very uncooperative, rude, obnoxious and don't even try to meet you half way if you need help.

nana akua
3 days ago
1 / 5

I've only come here each time to pick up medication and they are ridiculously slow. Every time I come I'm waiting for what seems like forever. I've had experience with other places and Chase Brexton in Randallstown is by far the worst!! I would never come here for a doctors appointment due to my experience with the pharmacy. In addition none of the doctors in the office are board certified so I wouldn't trust them with my life.

Courtny Conway
6 months ago
1 / 5

This is absolutely the most unprofessional organization I ever dealt with! I waited two months for a time sensitive appointment and they did not call or notify me that the physicon left the practice. The directors have ZERO accountability for their subordinates! The directors cut you off when you are expressing concerns about the way things are being run! They have a very strict patient lateness policy but you end up waiting 2-3 hours beyond the appointment time to be seen. The managers and directors have ZERO respect for patients! The staff does NOT respect patient privacy! This place is reminiscent of a run down free clinic. They make you think you are going to see a GYN but a midwife performs all GYN procedures. She calls you a few da later to tell you she needs to repeat the test because she did not get what she needed in order for the lab to read the results. The lab will stick you countless times for blood draws. Bottom line, this place is a. major disappointment! The leaders are so complacent because they know there is zero accountability for their poor services. I wish this place could be investigated because it's pretty pathetic. They bill your insurance to repeat test that they messed up. It's sickening! Just downright drama haven and laxity to the overall patient commitment!!!

Mylosha Griffith
7 months ago
1 / 5

So I called to cancel an appointment and the receptionist without asking transfers me to Spanish line.I guess she figured that because I dont have Baltimore accent (I'm originally from NY newyorican)that I automatically know Spanish.My English is clear enough for her not to had placed me on transfer .Very prejudice and stereotypical...even racist.For all she knows I speak Tagalog or French but she went on assuming I was fluent in Spanish because of my newyorican accent ( many Puerto Rican's from NY don't even speak Spanish) unnecessarily wasted another five minutes of my time on hold .

Jo bell
10 months ago