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Health Fair Pharmacy

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Health Fair Pharmacy
Health Fair Pharmacy

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Great local neighborhood pharmacy.

5 / 5
Anthony Pignotti
8 months ago

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Robert M Vella
3 months ago
5 / 5


Rama Raju R V
7 months ago
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I went to this Pharmacy 5/4/15 I am disable and require a wheel chair and I have a very big one. Upon visiting this store my chair didn't fit in door so i had to stand up so my helper can close chair and then bring in. Service was so impersonal, ok didn't have medicine so I leave my number for them to call to fill script. Now exiting same situation as when entering. I get to dialysis the Owner calls and said YOU PEOPLE BROKE MY DOOR also expressing other things, then says don't come back to my store and hangs up, only thing on door is a stopper at bottom and door closed with no problem upon leaving. Owner very disrespectful, but I'm focus on YOU PEOPLE! NOW IS THIS RELATED TO MY COLOR AS A BLACK MAN OR IN REGARD TO MY HANDICAP. So I call back and attempt to speak to Owner, Lady answers and repeats as he said don't come back to store. Now is this Man a Racist or just or have issues with Handicap People, if anything he should not be in business that deals with public. I am very much distraught and emotionally scarred on his treatment, being I need to go there because this is the only place that carries my brand of medicine. This will be tweeted, posted and sent to local paper, Hospital and the State. There is to much divide in this world today and everyone should be treated with utmost respect no matter their Ethnicity or Health.

Blas Master
2 years ago