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Millers Of Wyckoff Inc

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Millers Of Wyckoff Inc

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Best pharmacy and nutritional support and staff in New Jersey. I should know. I worked there and was helped by all the staff. Keep up good work.

5 / 5
douglas schreiber
1 year ago

Absolutely top-notch service! Patron for 20+ years. Trusted pharmacists. Excellent nutritionist. Would never go anywhere else.

5 / 5
Pamela Wiener
1 year ago

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5 / 5

I was very impressed with their customer service and their free local delivery has been a lifesaver for my mother. She doesn't get around very well anymore so it's nice to have a pharmacy that delivers to her and is so friendly towards her. Their staff has a great attitude and they have always been very kind and helpful to me and my family.

Robert Mason
5 years ago
2 / 5

Rather Unreliable: it took five days to receive preservative free eye drops (so my large corneal transplant does not get rejected) instead of one day! Additionally I was also advised to stay home to sign for the delivery all day Saturday, while the packet was sent for weekday delivery only and without signature by Miller's Compounding Pharmacy, as shown to me by a delivery man later on Monday...

7 months ago
1 / 5

OMG on this place worst customer service ever ...incorrect information . the worst parking lot to get in and out of if you are disabled . Staff and owner have no customer follow through whatsoever. I have never needed a surgical supply company before but if this is the experience of dealing with one.No thank you . I hope the get back to me about the order that was alleged to be in two days ago . Now it may be another week

Eva McElwainTucci
2 years ago