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Edmonds Pharmacy

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These folks just fill scrips, do not judge, care about people in pain, local owned, treat people like people just the way a pharmacy should be.Compared to the inexperienced do-gooder Pharmacist cum drug police at Walgreens, these folks are worlds nicer to deal with. Avoid the humiliation and choose this pharmacy over Walgreens

5 / 5
David Colburn
6 months ago

This pharmacy is the best pharmacy I've ever been to I have been going to them since they opened and will continue to do so I live in Marysville but I have no problem driving to them due to the excellent customer service I receive every time I go there if I could rate them more stars I would

5 / 5
Kari McLoughlin
8 months ago

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5 / 5

Good people at this pharmacy.

David Deymonaz
8 months ago
5 / 5

Reviewing in light of the news about the arrest, I am upset that the police would follow up with a disgruntled call from a customer, she couldnt get her pain meds filled early and called the police claiming the pharmacist was high on pills. I have been filling my wifes meds here for 6 or 7 years, hands down one of the best staffs in the industry, they have always gone above and beyond for me and my wife. I have nothing but nice things to say and cant wait to see those pointing the finger make right for there smearing of this great independent rx store. And yes this pharmacy is safe as any, it hasnt been robbed for well over 3 years. I was here today and as always perfect service.

8180 Media
2 years ago
5 / 5

Contrary to what Master Mick White says, Edmonds Pharmacy has not been robbed in over 3 years. The times it was robbed it was all by the same man, who in the end was finally caught. I'm sorry Master White seems to think Edmonds Pharmacy gets robbed every year, but it is a very safe and friendly environment!

Cameron Nelson
2 years ago