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Heart Of The City Pharmacy

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Heart Of The City Pharmacy
Heart Of The City Pharmacy
Heart Of The City Pharmacy
Heart Of The City Pharmacy

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My son needed to be seen quick but there was no provider available at his normal office and they were able to get him seen here. The dr who saw him was fantastic amd really helped to get him on the path to being healthy again.

5 / 5
Ashley Denig
10 days ago

It's where I work so I may be bias but this healthcare center is amazing. The people are knowledgeable, nice, caring, give great service. I love what this company stands for.

5 / 5
Kayleigh Rogers
1 month ago

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4 / 5

A great health facility. It is host to adult medicine, dentistry, and pediatrics. As well as, host to a pharmacy. It has free Wi-Fi for those that choose. The area is clean and tidy. There are two entrances. One from the street. The other from the parking flat. Once entered. This can be from either entrances. There is a circular information desk, and is at the center of the building. Anyway question(s) a person may have they are ready and available to assist.

Malcolm Gray
28 days ago
3 / 5

Tip: Parking under the building is free. It's accessible from La Grave on the east side. The upper parking lot accessible from Sheldon is very tight and usually full, so it's best to head to the underground and avoid that hassle. I've been visiting the Durham clinic. I really like the staff. However, I don't like their formulaic practices. The practitioners, which are more likely to be NPs than MDs, have to follow a set guideline with your medical care. I went for mental health care. They don't just hand out meds, they also require you to see a "behavioral coach" who follows a CBT method from a self-help book anyone can buy. However, for as over-worked as they appear to be, I did get the impression they truly care. It is a miracle if you call the front desk and get through. They do call back but expect to wait several hours. They offer same-day service, but that depends on your ability to get in touch.

Vickie McDorman
12 days ago
1 / 5

Biggest waste of time in my entire life. After 6 months of pill pushing and doing minimal effort I was finally fed up enough to drop them but by that time my illness had progressed to the point where it destroyed my life. Nobody there is qualified to do their job and this place really needs to be investigated.

Maverick Anstett
5 days ago