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great people always help me out

5.0 / 5.0
bill jacob
8 months ago

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3.0 / 5.0


Yoshi Nakanishi
a year ago
1.0 / 5.0

I use to like this Pharmacy a lot up until a poor display of customer service to a senior citizen woman and myself. The elderly woman in front of me in line tried asking the female pharmacist a question about why a prescription came in that she did not know about. The female pharmacist rolled her eyes and gave this poor women such an attitude for no reason even the woman that was helped prior to this person had said something to me as she was exiting about the poor service, errors this pharmacist continuously makes, and how upset she was with how she treats people like she was currently doing. When I went up, I handed my prescription in and was told it would be done in 45 minutes to an hour and half. I was was fine with that as I understand that a small pharmacy with a high number of patients can be hectic. Anyways, 3 hours go by and I decided to call to see if my prescription was finished. The lady pharmacist answered and said that the one prescription I refilled online was ready but the other one could not be filled. I asked why not and she said “because the medicine was on backorder and it does not say when it will come in”. I waited and called the next day around 3:30 pm and the same female pharmacist answered the phone. I asked about my prescription and she said it could not be filled, it’s on backorder and it doesn’t say lost a date it’s coming in. This was odd to me because anytime this pharmacy didn’t have this particular medicine in stock, they would order it and it would be there by the next day. Knowing something was off with what she was telling me, I called the manufacturer of the medicine directly and asked them if they knew why ShopRite Pharmacy in Littlle Falls had a backorder on this. After the customer service rep of the manufacturer performed extensive reasearch and contacted the big wigs of her company, she told me that what the female pharmacist was telling me was incorrect and had no idea why she would provide me with information that was not true. Contrary to the female pharmacist belief, I’m not stupid. I understand that a pharmacist can refuse to fill a prescription for any reason even if the prescription is valid and medically nesessary for a patient to have. However, when you lie to a patient and they know it, they lose all trust with you regarding anything to do with their help. Although the male pharmacists and the pharmacy technicians have been outstanding, I, nor should you, trust a pharmacy that employs a person that is incompetent, rude, and a straight up liar. Therefore, please save yourself from experiencing this uncesessary hassle and go to a pharmacy that actually is honest and cares about their patients overall well-being. You won’t ever see me give them my business again nor should you.

Coach Marocco
2 years ago


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