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Sam's Health Mart Pharmacy #1

3.8 / 5.0

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Sam's Health Mart Pharmacy #1
Sam's Health Mart Pharmacy #1
Sam's Health Mart Pharmacy #1
Sam's Health Mart Pharmacy #1

Top Reviews

Very helpful and understanding

5 / 5
Angie Williams
7 days ago

They are very prompt and courteous And I think they have excellent service

5 / 5
Frank Lichaczewski
20 days ago

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5 / 5

I love Sam's. They go above & beyond & are professional as well as courteous. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

3 months ago
5 / 5

My mother and I have used this pharmacy for several years. They have given excellent service. If a long term prescription has expired they contact the doctor directly to see if it is to be renewed. They have always had the medications needed and the staff members are all very pleasant to deal with.

Linda Peterson
8 months ago
1 / 5

Do not go to this pharmacy!!! They denied my insulin and I am a type 1 diabetic! How would you feel if you were denied to live? Well that is how I felt when I got out of class and called up my pharmacy. Apparently when I called them up they denied me of my INSULIN (which I have to have to LIVE my body cannot produce it) because I am not compliant. How can you not be compliant with a pharmacy?! My doctor gives them the prescription and I call them and ask if they have it they never do. Luckily I was not on my last bottle of insulin but if I was then this could've meant my death. This company is Sam's Health Mart (it is tagged at the bottom of this post) do not go to it because they will not deliver your medicine and even deny your medicine even if you might DIE without it. They make you wait for an hour just to put a sticker on your medicine and they never deliver.

Raven Lo
1 year ago