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Laguna Drug

4.4 / 5.0

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Laguna Drug
Laguna Drug
Laguna Drug
Laguna Drug

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I discovered LAGUNA DRUG two years ago when I moved to Laguna Beach. Doris the Pharmacist is absolutely fabulous, she's knowledgeable, efficient, and takes time to explain without even having to inquire. Doris makes you feel like a valued customer! To my amazement their pharmacy pricing is similar to Target where I went prior to discovering Laguna Drug. I highly recommend Laguna Drug for all pharmacy needs.

5 / 5
Love Ocean
2 months ago

Best pharmacy around. They really know what they're doing and how to take care of you.

5 / 5
J Christy Wareham
5 months ago

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5 / 5

One of the nicest drugstore. Excellent pharmacy staff

Mark F
7 months ago
5 / 5

By far and away the nicest and most polite pharmacy staff.

David Rosing
1 year ago
1 / 5

I was at main beach this morning and my 22 month old son fell and hurt his knee very badly. He had an open would 1.5X1.5 inches. I carry bandaids but nothing that would be sufficient for a bleeding wound like this. We rushed over to this pharmacy, my son crying. I selected 2 packs of bandaids, one large and one with Mickey Mouse and dressed the wound. I then proceeded to check out. After I had paid a large gentleman approached me and accused me of using a neosporin. This was reasonable as I had opened and then re closed a box when my son screamed and refused to let me use it. I said that I had not used it but would gladly pay for it if it was an issue and he dropped it. This is not the reason for my 1 star review. Immediately after the gentleman asked me about the neosporin an older woman, probably the manager publicly berated me for several minutes. "Oh, I thought you were a foreigner. We don't do that in this country." In violent and angry language she told me I should have paid for the band aids even after I explained to her the severity of the would. She continued on publicly berating me for no less than five minutes and again after I had paid over $16 for bandaids. "We don't do that in this country". What, have sympathy for a distressed mother and her bleeding child who paid for bandaids as soon as an open wound was dressed?

Megan Bello
4 months ago