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Lowen's Pharmacy-Brooklyn

4.9 / 5.0

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Lowen's Pharmacy-Brooklyn
Lowen's Pharmacy-Brooklyn
Lowen's Pharmacy-Brooklyn

Top Reviews

I've had trouble cashing my script in large, corporation-type pharmacies such as "Rite Aid," "Duane Reade," "Wallgreens" as well as different mom and pop pharmacies. "Lowens" is an accommodating and flexible pharmacy. Great pharmacy. Many unconventional scripts accepted... Scripts with e-waivers are accepted, which many pharmacies do not accept. Medication which big pharmacies do not have, have to order, or don't WANT TO DEAL WITH, Lowens has. Lowens pharmacy on the corner of 3rd Ave. & Bay Ridge Ave. actually helps people. It has helped me a great deal, as the medication I've been prescribed must be administered daily. Staff is nice and knowledgeable, and premises are organized well.

5 / 5
Roman Olshansky
3 months ago

Staff is always friendly and willing to help.

5 / 5
Nicholle Chloé Colón Vargas
5 months ago

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5 / 5

Best Pharmacy In the Neighborhood!! The staff is great and very helpful, fast service, no errors, very well organized. The owner put together a great and very talented team they make the experience very comfortable. Taz is very knowledgeable and will always guide you on the right direction and Steve is an amazing guy who puts up with a ton of stress on daily basis and can still leave you walking out with a smile on your face! Thank you Steve and Taz for everything you have done for me you guys went above and beyond reaching out to my insurance and fixing an issue that the insurance company should have done on their own. I recommend this pharmacy to anybody in the neighborhood 6 star pharmacy without any doubt. Please don't give these guys a hard time it's not an easy job and Steve and Taz day to day cover the job of 4 people. Thank you guys. Vlad Urbanskiy

vlad urbanskiy
9 months ago
5 / 5

Taz the pharmacist is so personal and always willing to help, and find cheaper options.

ZJ Liang
11 months ago
4 / 5

Seems like one of the oldest Independent Pharmacies in Bay Ridge offering service generally unavailable from larger Pharmacy chains

Lifedoc Giz
2 months ago