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Hanger Drugs

4.7 / 5.0

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Hanger Drugs
Hanger Drugs
Hanger Drugs
Hanger Drugs

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Recently went to Hanger for the first time and even though it is not as close as many other pharmacies I have used in the last few years, the personal attention and friendly staff make driving a little further a small price to pay. The atmosphere is very "small town" and certainly something you don't find every day.

5 / 5
Michael Smith
1 month ago

Extremely nice hometown pharmacy. Very Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff!! They offer mailing of your prescriptions to your home. You are able to find items here that you can't in large chain pharmacies. They treat you like family and know your name when you walk through the door. Easy off and back on to freeway I Love going there every month!!

5 / 5
Lorraine Austin
4 months ago

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5 / 5

The employees are very helpful and nice. It's like a small town pharmacy and I love that about it.

Sunil Khiani
11 months ago
4 / 5

Wonderful people and are a joy to deal with. After so long they actually make an effort to recognize you when you go in. My wife picked up her script a few weeks back and slipped outside and had scrapped her hand on brick wall. Pharmacist took time to look at it and apply minor 1st aid to the area. Good people

Charles Watts
1 month ago
2 / 5

Limited selection of crutches. Did not have any for folks taller than 5'10. Tried to sell them to me Anyway (I'm 6'0). I tried them and they definitely did not work. Rite Aid was a bit not expensive but the quality was better and they had the right size.

Shelley Gibson
8 months ago