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Soundview Pharmacy

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The supv is rude..I called to ask a ? She became defensive..The ? I asked was how much does it cost for my prescription without my insurance.I was not close to my normal pharmacy.Needless to say it was a emergency.The supv said 90 for 99.I did not know what she was refering to because i generally only pick up 30 at a time.Which i mentioned.This is where for some reason the conversation went down.She immediately became defensivse and sarcastic.Telling me I did not ask of her.In a very and obvious ride tone.I toldher she was being rude..As I question the charge and she told me it was 40 dollars for the 30..Her attitude became more sarcastic as if she felt I could not pay for my medicine..If ask how much just answer the ?unprofessional remarks are not needed.This supv is not fit to serve the public especially on in a medical manner.My advice stay away

cocoroa dream
3 months ago