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Only Pharmacy in century’s, that I can find Hexol. My mom was born in 1895 kept it in the household. Best disinfectant ever!!!

5.0 / 5.0
Joyce Godfrey
3 months ago

I've been going to Beaverton Pharmacy for a few years now, and they're amazing. All of the pharmacists and sales staff are absolutely the best! They ALWAYS go out of their way to help you, and don't rush you. They are very knowledgeable and friendly! For the people that have complained about waiting times, it's only because they're very busy, or are taking their time to help other people. The owner and all the employees are hands down the kindest staff I've dealt with when dealing with Pharmacy, and medical issues. Thank you guys! 😊

5.0 / 5.0
Jessica Elmi
5 months ago

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5.0 / 5.0

Great neighborhood pharmacy, where you can find whatever you need, or they will order it for you. They are a compounding pharmacy as well. Super helpful staff.

Foodie Guy
a year ago
5.0 / 5.0

Super duper kind and gentle and thoughtful employees. It makes all the difference in the world sometimes. XOXO

Tessa Bird
a year ago
1.0 / 5.0

WARNING: Not Veteran Friendly, Deceptive! I have NEVER written a bad review - you can see it in my record. I hate to do it, because I want to support small local business... but veterans, and others, need to know this. I was sent to Beaverton Pharmacy by the Veterans Administration specifically because this pharmacy is a member of the V.A. outside service network and there would be no billing issues. I had just visited Legacy Urgent Care for a serious lung infection that the V.A. in Portland could not see me about quickly. The staff at the V.A. checked for in-network providers and gave me the choice of CVS or Beaverton Pharmacy as in-network in Beaverton. In-network means that the company has previously agreed to bill the V.A. for medical supplies. I chose Beaverton Pharmacy. When I arrived to pick up my rather large prescription, Beaverton Pharmacy had already billed another insurance company (without asking me about billing.) They presented me with a $45.00 bill. I objected, as I have no co-pay, and they told me that my insurance would not cover one of the prescriptions. I asked, "Which insurance, this is the first time I have been here!," and they told me which company they had billed, via an online search.. I objected again - I was never asked who to bill, and the V.A. does cover that medication. They took a look at my V.A. medical card and proceeded to act like I was stupid. First, they claimed that they had no idea what the V.A. card was for and no idea how to bill it. They had never heard of being in-network, had no agreement with the V.A. There is a number on the card, and the pharmacist took it and said he would call. The pharmacist, in clear view and audible to me, gets on the phone with a person who is clearly a drug sales rep of some sort and proceeds to argue with them for 20 minutes about drug prices or some such. My name, the V.A, billing, is never mentioned, it is obviously unrelated to my issue. (as a side note - there is no seating in the pharmacy of any sort, and I was obviously in distress. I felt like an idiot loitering by the counter for 20 minutes while this was going on.) After 20 minutes the pharmacist came back to the counter and told me he had checked, and could not bill the V.A, he had no billing information or agreement with the V.A. I would have to pay the $45.00. This was an obvious deception - he never called the number on the card, made NO EFFORT at all to find out about billing. I knew it, he must have known I knew it, but he showed no concern. Case closed. I paid. (another side note: I was given not offered any data sheet or verbal instruction for the prescriptions). After leaving I called the number on my card myself. I was told that Beaverton Pharmacy was in-network, had signed the contract to bill the V.A. at contract pricing, and should have honored the prescription. I had no problem getting this information in 5 minutes. I was told that the pharmacist could have gotten billing information from them if he had called. Second: the $45.00 was for 60 tablets of name-brand Sudofed 12 hour. This is over-the-counter medication in some places, but not in Oregon. Some insurance companies do not cover over-the-counter drugs, but the V.A. does if prescribed. A quick call to CVS shows the medication, same dose, same brand, same number of pills, available at CVS for less than half the price. Generic for about 1/3. I was never asked nor offered generic, though the prescription was written for pseudophedrine, not name-brand Sudofed. I know the above may sound minor, and, after all, it was "only" $45.00. And who cares who gets the bill? The staff seemed friendly, the place is clean. I get that a small business might have to charge more, they have more overhead, they aren't buying at the same discounts as CVS. The V.A. could have made a mistake - it wouldn't be the first time. But I honestly believe that the pharmacist simply did not want the inconvenience of changing the order or investigating - he had more important things to do than work with a sick vet.

Jim Beebe
7 months ago


12250 Southwest Canyon RoadBeaverton, Oregon  97005


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