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Dundalk Pharmacy

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They always have my prescription ready in 20 minutes or less. Always met with a smile and great friendly people. I highly recommend this pharmacy!

5 / 5
20 days ago

America Runs On Dunkin

5 / 5
james chadwick
3 months ago

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5 / 5

The professional atmosphere and family oriented social skills allow the customers to be advised concerning their orders as well as have a sense of comfort and feeling welcomed.

Allen Hilton Jr
2 years ago
1 / 5

if you have any controlled prescriptions they go out of there way to check the computer and call your doctor. Which i understand but if you go to another pharmacy and come back after 2 months of a 30 day supply, they act completely different, rude, will lie to your face and call your doctor. all this happened because of 3 refills available of a different medication at a different pharmacy. the doctor was nice enough to fax it to them and they refused to fill it called my doctor, insurance company, and the other pharmacy over one prescription. all while knowing my doctor is closed that day so i wouldn’t be able to fill it if i wanted to anywhere else. i have never felt more demened and treated like garbage from any professional like that in my entire life..... if you deal with them stop while your ahead, ive been going there over a year they know me with no problems but the owner and his wife will make your life hell if they want to. stick to the major pharmacy’s atleast they have some empathy

jerry mckenzie
2 months ago
1 / 5

Not friendly at all!

Shannon Watkins
5 months ago