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Remus Pharmacy

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I was in a pinch having a prescription filled, and the staff here went out of their way to make sure we had what we needed, when we needed it. Very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

5 / 5
Christy Sherman
4 years ago

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5 / 5


hoop flo
10 months ago
1 / 5

Hours are terrible by the time you get out of work they are closed. Weekend hours don't seem like you care if you have any business

Alonzo Turner
2 months ago
1 / 5

Bad to the bone.....

John Smith
1 year ago
1 / 5

I went in there this morning, deathly sick... Mind you if I would have lived close enough to Meijer I would have went there in the middle of the night, because I could not breathe! Instead, try to support my local businesses, waited till 9am when they opened to go in, first customer waiting outside for them to open. And yes I am more than happy to have ALL my prescriptions filled there (and I have) and I try to use this local pharmacy more so than anyone else! I am more than certain I have the worse case of allergies and sinus pressure ever, I refuse to believe I am sick even though bronchitis was easier to deal with. Show up and because my ID does not state I live in Canadian Lakes at first they refused to sell me Seudafed, because I do not live in the local Remus trailer park. Mind you I am not 80 years old either. Once I finally got them to realize I am not some freak meth head and I am just really that sick they became nice and helped me out. My contention is that I am sick in tired of being treated as a meth addict because I am young and ACTUALLY HAVE SINUS ISSUES!!!! At this point I feel as though I am being forced to spend thousands on a real doctor to get my sinuses cleared so that I am not pinned as a meth head. Sorry I am a highly educated individual, in fact I am an attorney who has actively convicted meth heads!!! I understand they have the State placing demands on them to insure they are not selling to drug addicts but there is absolutely NO reason that you should determine that someone is a meth addict from the moment they walk through the door... I have never been to a pharmacy that treated me so horribly because I wanted to buy Seudafed, and at this point I am more than happy to waist the time and gas money to drive the 30 miles to Big Rapids and be treated like an everyday individual.

Rebecca Johnson
1 year ago