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Rodman Discount Drugs-Washington

4.6 / 5.0

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Rodman Discount Drugs-Washington
Rodman Discount Drugs-Washington
Rodman Discount Drugs-Washington
Rodman Discount Drugs-Washington

Top Reviews

Whatever you need, it will be here. No joke. Staff very knowledgeable and helpful in finding things.

5 / 5
Don Oakley
2 days ago

Great wine selection and knowledgeable staff. Super holiday food selection from all over the world. Also carry hard to find odds and ends like paper doilies to line cookie tins and trays.

5 / 5
Heidi Biffl
6 days ago

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5 / 5

They have pretty much everything here! Plus great gourmet food and wine. Take your time and look around!

Kathy Douglas
12 days ago
5 / 5

The lower level has everything you need to unwind after that long day at work. Bubble bath, scented candles, wine glasses & plush towels. On the upper level I grabbed some fresh strawberries, whipped cream and a bottle of wine. YESSS I'm all set for my relaxing evening and I got everything @ Rodman's I LOVE this place..

ronnie raindrop
2 months ago
5 / 5

Very knowledgeable people in the wine department Great selection, great price. Groceries are also at an excellent price. Look at it though, not everything is fresh. Great for European speciality items like chocolate, cheese, olive oil. Great for household items, which are downstairs and easily overlooked. Overall a unique store like no other. I'm a regular.

A Wall
4 months ago