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James Pharmacy-Baltimore

4.2 / 5.0

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James Pharmacy-Baltimore

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Only pharmacy I'll use! Fast & friendly! And they deliver.

5 / 5
Heather Maenner
4 months ago

Excellent. Fast, efficient, friendly. Understands the importance of treating all customers like kings and queens. Like most small businesses, this one is far superior to its chain-store competitors. I wouldn't go elsewhere.

5 / 5
1 year ago

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5 / 5

As Sara Wrote, James' Pharmacy is hands down the fastest pharmacy that I've ever been to and I can verify that as a loyal customer only, so there's no chance of bias. (Not to say there is/was on Sara's review, just stating that in case anyone suspects such things) In fact, everything she wrote is 100% accurate & true. The only time I've ever waited longer than 10 minutes is when there was an issue with contacting insurance for authorization or the prescribing doctor and once it's cleared up on the other end, your taken care of before you know it. It's like a super pharmacy. Additionally, as I mentioned on another review. James' Pharmacy is one of a few locations that have endured the changing climate of Light Street over the years. Approximately, ..I wanna say, 8ish years ago (if not a little more) they used to be at 1121 Light Street where the Light Street Cafe is currently located; at the time of this post. The current building of James' Pharmacy was built from the ground up. Out of an empty lot into what is today; and rather quickly if I can recall accurately. By doing so they gave the place a fresh look to better comfort the customers while they wait, which still isn't that long to begin with. Besides that, it provided all of the former & current employee's a more organized work environment, all while adding a small buffer between the Doc and the patients. As there didn't used to be one and he was constantly bombarded with people approaching him while he attempted to do his job instead of depending on the expertise of the ladies who were/are there for that very purpose. The only complaint I can possibly think of about James' Pharmacy now is.. the cat is gone..

Michael a
3 years ago
4 / 5

It's a small local pharmacy that really gets to know the customers. Outside of prescriptions they have the very basics such as cold medicine and band aids. Great place to get a prescription filled but not much else

Shane Glass
11 months ago
1 / 5

James Pharmacy has graciously accepted packages on behalf of individuals in the neighborhood who wanted to avoid package theft. I had a package delivered to James Pharmacy recently and was unaware they no longer were accepting UPS packages. After three days they returned my package and did not notify me. I went into the store asking If a package was there and they said no and provided no other information. Now I am left in limbo waiting to figure out how I can track down an extremely expensive purchase. Although this is not a service they have to offer, the fact that they did offer it and then so abruptly cut it off without warning, is just as worse as being a package thief. No notification when I went in the store and no follow up. I wouldn’t recommend them and I will no longer be using them as a pharmacy, ever.

Allison Levin
3 months ago