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Students receive excellent health care here

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Herb Piercy
1 year ago

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Kevin Hodson
7 months ago
5 / 5


Deluair hossen
1 year ago
2 / 5

Takes a long time. Very difficult to see doctors.

Sudarshan Srinivasan
2 years ago
1 / 5

As a student with the health science center, I have to say that the quality of service has been disturbingly poor on three separate occasions. 1) I went in feeling sick with nasal congestion, cough, and runny nose, but no fever. They took my vitals, looked at me and said "well, it's either allergies, a virus, or a bacterial infection and we don't know which, so here's an antibiotic prescription. Have a nice day".. from a medical standpoint, they didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, and they didn't give me anything for symptom relief, which is what I needed to go back to rotation. This was the first time I realized they were kind of clueless 2) I later had a severe allergic reaction to tobacco smoke and was seen in the student health clinic. That visit went ok, they checked me out and gave me a steroid, singular, and a crappy cough suppressant (which didn't work), but the issue came a week later when I cracked a rib from the coughing that never resolved. I called them and told them I had 8/10 pain in my ribs, and that I knew it was either cracked or badly bruised from coughing. Either way, I just wanted prescription strength ibuprofen to treat the pain. They refused and tried to insist I go to UT Medical Center's ER for an X-ray... I told them I wasn't going to because I couldn't afford to pay $200 to get confirmation of something I already knew, I just wanted prescription strength ibuprofen so I wouldn't have to swallow 4 otc pills at a time.... once again, completely clueless. 3) just now, I had a classmate that had sudden onset anxiety, polyuria, and general malaise, and we just needed to get her blood sugar checked to make sure she wasn't crashing on us. At first the student health center refused to see her because "they don't check blood sugars without a two week appointment". I called back and explained that she's not diabetic and she's having an acute problem right this second. They agreed to see her, so I drove her there and helped her get signed in. While she was in with the nurse, the nurse told her she wanted to do a urine test first and refused to check her blood sugar until she got the urine test. That was going to be an extra $15 charge, so my classmate refused and opted to drive herself to Mac's pharmacy to get her blood sugar checked for free, which had me and my preceptor concerned since she obviously was having cognitive issues related to possible blood sugar issues (which is a roadway hazard to herself and other drivers). What if she had been crashing on her blood sugar and needed glucagon? Were they just gonna let her pass out in the lobby?.. way to put student safety first, UT. You totally nailed it. Remind me to never see you for anything that requires your staff to have more than half a brain, because clearly they don't have the clinical expertise to handle anything outside of renewing refills written by other prescribers.

Georgia Peach's Big Bro
26 days ago