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Northern Michigan University Pharmacy

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Northern Michigan University Pharmacy
Northern Michigan University Pharmacy
Northern Michigan University Pharmacy
Northern Michigan University Pharmacy

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Great campus, Marquette is amazing. Go CATS!

5 / 5
Brad Hardy
21 days ago

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4 / 5

I find it interesting that the more recent reviews are on the more negative side. That says a lot. And they are true. I started going to NMU in 2012; beautiful college! It turned my life around and gave me direction for my life. But then recently (maybe the past 2 years[?]) the politics have went down the drain. Tuition has gone up just to make the university all 'fancy and attractive' to get more students. I believe that the education standards are what should be important. The professors, teachers, and faculty are phenomenal here, they genuinely care about their students. I guarantee you will receive a great education and hands on experience in you degree. But those who are not 'in the field work' so to speak (the ones who don't really interact with students and yet are the ones making the important decisions) are making poor decisions and appearing to be quite greedy sometimes. We don't need new buildings when they are okay, what we need is to pay our teachers. There have been cuts on how many there are, and class sizes are growing to be too big just to save money. There is a commercial on the radio right now that says 'classes are small so teachers get to know your name.' ...How are they suppose to do that when there are 140 (yes, 140!) students in one class alone? Classes themselves have been cut out, making less of a selection of topics to learn in specific fields/degrees; or required classes that one might have to take can only take it certain semesters. That makes it hard if they cannot find a teacher who not will do a Directed Study with them. I don't regret my decision coming here, and I want others to do as well, but it will take a lot of patience to do so when in reality it shouldn't be the case at all.

Roni Carter
22 days ago
1 / 5

A college for retarded people

Codwack Ether
6 days ago
1 / 5

This is literally the worst place to ever go to. It's corrupt, and it's a blemish on an otherwise gorgeous city. Their financial aid has been literally ruining lives, and just got worse with their PayPath crap they pulled, making you pay even more than usual for tuition, JUST for trying to pay online. It was implemented in 2016, yeah, way to get with the times. I know people who ended up owing upwards of 5 GRAND for a six credit semester, just because of bullshit the financial aid here would pull, changing their story on what goes wrong on the student's end, and more stunts like that. Not to mention their outright disgusting take on suicidal behaviors! There was a rule where you were not allowed to talk about any suicidal feelings you may have while on campus, and could be outright expelled for speaking of said thoughts! They backpedaled the following year after, but still, do you REALLY want to go to a place like this? I wouldn't.

I'd Rather Not Say
9 months ago
1 / 5

Parents keep giving it good votes because they like how it looks. In reality, the university is poorly run. We loose students so they cancel outdoor classes, serve us crappy food, and make poorly thought out construction decisions. Most of us wouldn't drive so far if it wasn't for the outdoors. Also, the university took a political position. I don't care what anyone else's choice is, it's fine, but a public university should stay unbiased. They took a liberal position. This gets rid of a great number of students considering a lot of outdoorsmen are conservatives or libertarians. They send their news letter to alumni that donate and fund most of the university. The news letter is full of propaganda that would support a liberal opinion and that takes away half of their donations right there. Stay unbiased, keep the outdoor classes, and stop serving food that is just reheated leftovers from last week

Riley Sorber
1 year ago