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Connecticut Pharmacy Direct

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Matthew Recore
8 months ago

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Verónica Reyes
7 months ago
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This pharmacy will dawdle on calling your doctor to confirm prescriptions, lie about the number of pills dispensed (different number of pills in bottle than on label), dispense fewer pills than prescribed (different number dispensed than prescribed), reassure the patient that refills are available when asked about these practices, and then when it comes time to refill, tell patients that it is too early to refill because the actual prescription was meant to last longer but of course that's not what they actually dispensed. So you'll end up running out of medicine with no options to get more. Liars and thieves all around, taking money from your insurance but not giving what was paid for. If you call to complain about these dishonest and unethical practices, they will hang up on you.

Emily Kinero
1 year ago