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Ancora Pain Recovery-Winder

2.2 / 5.0
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Ancora Pain Recovery-Winder

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The entire staff is amazing. When I leave a message I get called back sometimes within the hour. I am so grateful for Dr. Campbell, Darren, Zuli, Ashley, the young man who checks my blood pressure and every other person who has been there. Chronic Pain is very difficult to live with. I have cervical and lumbar fusions . Thank You! Thank You! I have been a patient for over 2 years. I followed them when they moved from their Cumming location. 😁

5 / 5
Alicia McIntyre
4 months ago

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2 / 5

I’ve never in my life have had such a huge problem getting someone to answer the phone or call back it is ridiculous and awful

Heather Dalton
1 month ago
1 / 5

This is regards to Dr. Campbell . I say don't ever let this person treat you. He doesn't listen to patients at all. Don't dare ask him a question because he does not take it well. Getting return calls is a miracle. Out of 20 calls to a answering machine I got zip. I got one on the day I called HR. When you go to office your 15 min. you spend with him and they get your money you will have no contact with Dr.Campbell no matter how many times you leave messages on answering machine. Until next visit. Never ever expect a phone call back. I should have read reviews before ever seeing him..please use one of other Dr. In this group. I prayer no one goes thru what I did.

Mary Malcom
3 months ago
1 / 5

Cannot get a person to answer the phone! What kind of business is THAT? I have never been a patient here and I guess won't ever be, since their phone is Never answered! And, I REFUSE to leave a message for something like this, because it is glaringly obvious that if the receptionist doesn't have the time to answer my calls, then the doctors will certainly be the same. Does this sound like the kind of place to go when you're IN PAIN to you?

Joey McDaniels
5 months ago
1 / 5

Before you get any Meds this supposed "Pain clinic " will require that you submit to a dangerous procedure that is not FDA approved or sanctioned. People have been paralyzed for life having this procedure done on them. If you do not agree to do they will retaliate with hostility and no Meds will be issued to you. They make a huge profit for performing this dangerous procedure. They separated my wife and i into different rooms like a Nazi concentration camp and I was only allowed to see my wife when she started shaking and crying because they told her she was faking. Dr Strother told my wife about me " what?? Is he some kind of scholar?? This place is a blight on our community and needs to be shut down. I have it on good authority because i know someone on the inside. They have less than a 1% success rate for treating your pain. That means that 99 people out of 100 get no relief and continue to suffer. I am going public with my story and have contacted WSB, and the Govenors office of consumer affairs. Keep watching the TV!! These people are a joke. Dont waste your time and warn you friends and family.

Michael Bradley
5 months ago