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Long Point Pharmacy

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I have been using Long Point pharmacy for well over 5 years. There's a reason for that.. Number one reason is personal service + speed. In, out, hello, goodbye. As somebody who used Walmart for years, I can tell you now, there is a night and day difference. They may not be cheaper than Walmart (they are still extremely competitive) but when you factor in your time, ie, the parking, the expected long lines, the impersonal relationships, the aggravation, the irritation and the typical Walmart two-step dance, well, if you want to go through all that to save $5 on a prescription for cash pay be my guest! And if you have insurance? A co-pay is a co-pay so you would be a fool to go anywhere else! Jerri, the owner, is not going to sweep you off your feet with fake smiles and in-genuine laughs, so don't expect that. She is a straight faced, down to earth individual who is extremely busy and VERY focused on saving you every possible penny she can save you! There has been more than one time I went in expecting to pay a certain price, and was very shocked when I got the prescription for $100, $200, or even $300 LESS as a cash pay customer because of a product special going on with that particular drug that I was totally unaware of, but she wasn't! She could've easily charged me full price and put the difference in her pocket but she's honorable, loyal and honest and doesn't pull any shenanigans! I've tried them all and I can tell you now, I will never go any place else!

5 / 5
Louis Puglisi
7 days ago

The have excellent service and have been so helpful as we transferred prescriptions from one doctor to another.

5 / 5
Jackson Nietert
1 year ago

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5 / 5

amazing pharmacy! Kind staff and Jerri is awesome :)

Gretchen Schuster
2 years ago
5 / 5

Love our Long Point Pharmacy! Staff is always helpful and they go out of their way to make our experience a great one. We have been with them for 10 years and every single encounter has been professional and friendly and caring! We always recommend Long Point Pharmacy to our friends.

Lana McSwain
2 years ago
1 / 5

Unfortunately, pharmacies like Long Point Pharmacy are the sole reason that local businesses are going under. I called in earlier today asking about the availability of a particular cough syrup; I was told that it was in stock and I would have NO PROBLEM getting it without a doctor's referral or prescription (legally, they do not need one, similar to pseudoephedrine). I left work early to drive across town to pick up the medicine. However, upon arrival, I was told by the older woman in charge that she would NOT sell me the cough syrup without a doctor's referral. She asked about my family doctor who I've not seen in over a year, which she deemed unacceptable. I left annoyed, but called back and politely explained that I see a psychiatrist on a regular basis and maybe he could call in, because they "are generally more versed and experienced with complicated prescriptions dosages" (as explained to me by my family doctor, who by the way, referred me to the psychiatrist because she did not feel comfortable enough adjusting dosages on medications herself). The pharmacist on the phone said that they couldn't take a doctor's note from him because he wasn't a family medicine doctor (I had seen him in the past several days and he knows my flu/cold situation well). Family medicine doctors have a residency of about 3 years after medical school practicing internal medicine, while psychiatrists have a residency of roughly 5 years; 3 of which are internal medicine, but they continue on for another 1-2 years of even more specialized training in their subsequent residency; which is the obvious reason that I was referred to a psychiatrist for prescription medicine exacting for my individual case. I asked the pharmacist very politely why I could not get a referral from him, as he is an MD just like my family medicine doctor. She responded saying "we do not take prescriptions from psychiatrists." I then again asked her why, as all practicing and licensed MD's are legally privileged to write prescriptions for drugs. And that was the moment she hung up the phone on me. Rude manager, uninformed staff, terrible customer service and unintelligent people (to put it nicely). I would not recommend this pharmacy, unless, of course, someone asked me where they could get wrong answers and where someone will hang up them on when asking very legitimate questions.

Jessica McMahon
3 years ago