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Preston Road Pharmacy

3.5 / 5.0

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Really nice pharmacy with a good staff for the pharmaceutical items and some neat gifts (and jewelry, of all things) in the store. I always have had a good experience here and don't understand the negative review at all. They have a nice selection of the normal drug store items and I never found pricing to be an issue. Parking can be a bit challenging with Preston Road, so I suggest you park around the side where you won't be taking your life (and your car) in your hands trying to back up onto Preston Road from the front -area parking. (I always end up with somebody in an SUV - which are ubiquitous in Park Cities - parking next to me, so I can't see oncoming traffic barreling down Preston Road.)

5 / 5
Jessica Obermayer
7 months ago

Always quick and easy. Compound pharmacy so they are one of the few in the city that can actually make my cats medication.

5 / 5
1 year ago

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5 / 5

I love having this old-fashioned pharmacy here while I am in town. It's no CVS, but it's not meant to be.

Rogers Hartmann
1 year ago
1 / 5

Didn't have the best experience with this pharmacy :/ First time calling I ended up being on hold over 10 minutes and never got to talk to a person except for the brief second when they asked me to hold. Then when I did go in they were not able to give me a price on my compound and I was told they would call me the next day with the price, did not hear from them then next day but did the following. They gave me the price and said they would call me later that day when it was ready so I could come pick it up. Never got called :/ I ended up calling back several days later asking if it was ready and they said it was. This was a new medication and I did not get asked if I wanted to speak with the pharmacist like at other pharmacies when you get a new prescription. Again, just did not have the best first experience with this pharmacy.

Jacob Garza
10 months ago
1 / 5

Terrible customer service. Takes forever to fill prescriptions and they call 50% of the time when your prescription is ready so you never know. Employees are very unhappy and very unprofessional. Very unqualified employees. I wanted to support a local business and family but can no longer do so. Also, I did enjoy the gift shop but everything is way overpriced and they are unable to properly box any large or expensive gifts. They basically throw them in a plastic bag.

April young
2 years ago