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Hari Om Pharmacy LLC

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They are very fast and friendly.I have been going there around 8 years.They also offer free delivery except for narcotics.Ive never waited more than 30 minutes for my prescription to be filled usually i only wait 10-15 minutes.They really care for the customers.

5.0 / 5.0
Hajera lacruz
5 months ago

They was able to provide me a medication my insurance wouldnt cover for a very small cost compared to other medications. They also shipped the medicine directly to me from the Flint pharmacy. Thank you so much for actually trying to help your customers.

5.0 / 5.0
Jessica Burden
a year ago

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1.0 / 5.0

After providing my new address three times, they continued to delivered my medication to the old address - which was out of state I'll add. I enjoyed working with them until I moved. Now they've caused me to be without my prescription twice in a row. Certainly better pharmacies available.

Atalie Stewart
5 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

My daughters physician from the Cleveland Clinic put in an order for 2 medications specifically to be filled from this pharmacy on Friday. Knowing how sick my daughter was, he said we were to receive the medication by Monday overnight. I called this pharmacy on Monday to just double check to make sure the medication was shipped out to us. They told me the first lie, they had been trying to call her phone and had left two messages, have no idea why they called because they had nothing to tell us when I asked what the messages were about. I thought it was very strange. There were no messages on my phone or my daughters phone. Then they told the medication had been shipped out and we should receive it by Wednesday. Wednesday came and went and so did Thursday. I called for the third time on Thursday at 5 o’clock only to hear that they will be shipping out the medication tomorrow, again another lie. 3 lies in 4 . They couldn’t answer my questions when I asked them why they lied the medication was already shipped out on Monday and then on Tuesday and then on Wednesday. My daughter is so very sick and needed that medication ASAP to see if it can give her any relief. I would’ve driven to Flint Michigan from Ohio to get it had I known they were so terribly unprofessional and untruthful about mailing the Rx. As I write this, the medication still has not been shipped out, he promised to put it in the mail overnight free of charge so I have it by tomorrow (which now is the following Friday of my daughters appt ) - We will see if I receive this medication tomorrow. It is one thing to be unprepared behind the scenes but at least tell your customers the truth so they’re not waiting on something so necessary and important. I don’t know why this medication comes from Flint Michigan, but had I known this was going to be our situation, I never ever would have gone through this horrible pharmacy and personally researched another pharmacy that could have promptly filled this prescription. Absolutely unacceptable to lie to your customers over and over. It makes no sense to me. Very very bad pharmacy, or maybe the people running it? Not sure, but not ok- something not right there.

Christie Petit
6 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

I would NEVER recommend this pharmacy to anyone. They are extremely unprofessional. Especially the tech and the pharmacist, both are extremely rude. If you want to be treated with dignity & respect DO NOT go to this pharmacy.

Angel Eyez
10 months ago


Beecher RoadFlint, Michigan  48532


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