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They are very efficient and they get me in and out within 10-15 minutes. I do not have insurance and they promised me competitive pricing on all my generic meds. What Walmart and Walgreens wanted to charge me was 2-3 times more in cost. I couldn’t believe it. I am very satisfied with the service I receive in each and every visit!

5 / 5
Mario Lopez
22 days ago

There is no other pharmacy like Robalo Pharmacy. You will not find a more friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am confident when I have questions about a particular medication I get correct information always. Also, they deliver.

5 / 5
Terry Knight
8 months ago

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3 days ago
2 / 5

Great service..filling a prescription while there from out of town, however upon returning home and checking with my usual pharmacy I found out the cost I would have paid at home was around $27.00 at Robalo I was charged $151.00 and change! When you have NO insurance I don't think it gives you the right to scalp prescription prices that much knowing that this medication is a necessity especially while out of town visiting. If I'm ever in the area again and need a prescription filled. I will either find another pharmacy due to their pricing practices only. Or I will go without the medication!!. I thought I had found a friendly new place to fill my husband s work requires him to be out of town in that area for the next few months and also requires numerous medications..but you can bet none will be filled there again!

Private LF
1 year ago