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Darien Pharmacy

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Darien Pharmacy

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The pharmacist, Janice, really cares about her customers. She's worked in pharmaceuticals all of her life since earning her college degree. She's on of those bosses who is tough but also has so much empathy and care for her staff. She takes the time to talk to you person to person rather than just pharmacist to customer. She isnt interested in just selling you drugs. She cares about helping you. Her cashiers, technicians and other pharmacists work hard to maintain their reputation. They're also a family and they look out for one night another AND the customers they're serving. They've had Customer Appreciation Day to give back to the locals and visitors of their store, but I say that every day is customer appreciation day at their store. It's hard work maintaining such a large customer base while keeping organized the medical conditions and the medications for them as well. They make it look easy. They're local, friendly, and getting more efficient every day. They're not perfect...but...they're pretty close.

5 / 5
Lillianna Keeney
1 month ago

Unbelievable fast service on a walk in prescription fill, pharmacist is accessible and they have a nice assortment of health items, much preferred over big chain drug stores

5 / 5
Joe Train
6 months ago

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Brittney Redfern
2 months ago
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Jennifer Clark
5 months ago