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Best Value Ron's Pharmacy

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Best Value Ron's Pharmacy

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I would like to shout it from the Rooftops - Ron's Pharmacy is wonderful!!! Today was a very hard day because my son has double ear infections as well as swimmers ear (bacterial infection) in one ear. We tried our regular Supermarket pharmacy and the ear drops were going to cost $200!! I called the doctor to see if there was an alternative medicine they could recommend and luckily there was an agreement in place with Ron's Pharmacy to offer an alternative medicine for much less. Since we were already in town we decided to wait at Ron's for the doctor to call in the prescription. The staff at Ron's was so great. They acted with concern for my son even though we were new customers and they didn't even know him. While we were waiting my son became ill in the parking lot and even though our prescription was not ready we decided to head home. Ronnie, a concerned employee, said he would bring the prescription to our house when it was ready and not to worry. WOW!! He sure did help out a frazzled mom in need ;-) Great small town service and compassion is given at Ron's!! We will be switching our medicines to be picked up at Ron's from now on. I have never encountered a caring pharmacy staff like this before. Thank You RONNIE!

5 / 5
Jessica Drew
4 months ago

Employees are so friendly & helpful. Pharmacy area is the best. Glad we found Ron's.

5 / 5
Deborah Hardin
5 months ago

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5 / 5

Wonderful hometown service and the prices are great. I would highly recommend.

B Caruthers
8 months ago
5 / 5

Awesome staff. Very personalize home town style store

Royce Caswell
8 months ago
5 / 5

I came here because they offered a very low reasonable cash price on a prescription that was not covered by my insurance. Great deal!

Brittany Farley
10 months ago