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Alexandria Compounding Pharmacy

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Only place around that had the meds my rabbit needed and I got to choose a flavor to mix in the bottle. They were out of stock on my first flavor choice but they have so many options it wasnt an issue (maple was first choice, settled for apple). Because of the flavor mix-in my pet thinks his medicine is a treat and takes it willingly!

5 / 5
Alyssa Stenson
6 months ago

Friendly. Personal. Helpful. A real person calls you when they receive your doctor's prescription, not an automated call. They inquire about health reason for prescription and educate you to ensure your drug combinations and use are safe. Feels like what I guess the main street drugstore might have been like 60 years ago, or what it's like today in Europe. It's a drive for me, but if you want safe, knowledgeable, caring and sterile compounding, this is the place. Easy to find if you look for the Sheraton. Pull into the Sheraton circular drive. Pharmacy entrance is at 11:00 on the circle. I believe there is a parking garage connected. If it's a quick pick up or a friend or Uber brought you, can pull over in circle for a minute or two with no problem. Otherwise, garage or street parking should do.

5 / 5
Tammy Wieloch
7 months ago

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5 / 5

Thet have moved; new address is: 500 MONTGOMERY ST. SUITE 120 ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314 Their website has the correct address. This place is excellent for getting prescriptions compounded for your pet (like flavored liquids, transdermal cremes for thyroid medicine). They should have better prices on Ringers lactated solution for subcutaneous fluids than your vet probably changes.

David Walls
4 years ago
4 / 5

Friendly and informative. Easy street parking, not in car-jam Old Town. Walk in from Pitt or St Asaph, across from the Sheraton.

M Larsen
2 years ago
4 / 5

Always courteous. Prices are good. Glad we have this service so close by

Marsha Wallace
2 years ago