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Hometown Pharmacy #25

3.7 / 5.0

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Hometown Pharmacy #25
Hometown Pharmacy #25
Hometown Pharmacy #25
Hometown Pharmacy #25

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Wow, just wow, those pharmacy techs there are just top notch. Honestly, blown away by the sheer knowledge and genuine kindness they display every day. Blessed everyday I get to see their shining smiles. Wonderful people. That John Bicking, what a pharmacist.

5 / 5
Austin Lake
3 months ago

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3 / 5

Beautiful knick knacks & holiday decor. They also have medical supplies & prescriptions. Good place to go to when you need these items & the conveyance. BUT there's not much smiles or that heartfelt friendliness.

Cathy Millhorn
18 days ago
3 / 5

My wife had surgery and I had to go there for supplies and prescriptions. I had to spend a lot of time trying to get prescription supplies, and left without them. Overall I was not pleased with them.

Joe palumbo
1 month ago
3 / 5

I changed my previous 5-star review to a 2-star. I had nothing but problems ordering my diabetic shoes. I dealt with Cindy. Something was always missing paperwork wise and blamed my doctor's office, and I had already been speaking to my doctor, and the lady is handling the paperwork there so then she blamed in on Hometown pharmacy's fax and phone lines. I would suggest if your in this kind of business you might want to get those issues fixed. Hometown would never call me about delays, and I would have to call them, and of course, she said: Oh I had your file on my desk to call you" While it was closing time. She then said I called your doctors office twice to get the prescription and they never called back. Then She finds the prescription while I'm on the phone with her dated like three weeks ago. Funny that was when I last stopped in there to get fitted, and she said she needed just to call and get the script and she could order them. Guess she received it and didn't know about it or did nothing with it. I was just called today to verify that my diabetic shoes had been ordered. Guess not. Was considering ordering my medical lift chair there but think I will just order it online after all this. On a side note, the have a lot of neat local Michigan stuff in the store. I was impressed. Two additional gripes were I bought something at another medical supply store and paid $2.00 for the item and here it was $5.19 I told them that they are pricey for one of these. The other item I stopped in to see if the sold large emesis basins and they don't. What medical supply store doesn't carry a larger vomit tub as they give you at a hospital that's a large emesis basin technical name. After dealing with Chris the Manager and ordering my Golden Lift chair the price and his customer service was great so I am raising them up to a 3 star review. If I was just rating the chair it would be a 5 star rating but since I had the other previous issues to take into account I can only raise it to 3 stars. My chair is outstanding. They delivered it the day they received it.

Dave Sprayberry
3 months ago
1 / 5

Very rude. Went to get a nebulizer for my son, and the lady that deals with medical equipment purchasing is very rude, and speaks to you in a fairly degrading manner. Always seems to be a problem with them retrieving insurance information even after I provide my insurance card. Would not recommend. Very poor customer service.

Charles Goebbel
1 year ago