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Drug Emporium # 101

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Drug Emporium # 101
Drug Emporium # 101
Drug Emporium # 101
Drug Emporium # 101

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Just went to this place last night and was amazed! The selection for healthy food was absolutely unmatched! Not only that but it had such cool toys and things for the family. They even give out free popcorn!!! All this and even a warm and nostalgic genuine old school five and dime feel! I really can't recommend this place enough. It will become a routine place to shop for me for now on!

5 / 5
David Regalado
1 month ago

I was doing a search today. I did not know they had a drug emporium in Denton. I grew up there. That is really good news. I have been in every drug emporium from Amarillo to Shreveport. I lived in Waco for 20 years and shop there still. My favorite store is a toss up between Lubbock and Amarillo. They have a different approach from Waco and Abilene. They tend to discount the out of date stuff more, but I am not complaining, just stating my experience. I think ya'll have a good business model. I have purchased mustache wax (the kind my grandpa used) so its pretty nostalgic..anyway keep up the good work..

5 / 5
Phrankie Beigh
10 months ago

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5 / 5

This place builds its reputation from the ground up. I work here, I enjoy working for a selfless company like this. I find new products every day that I personally enjoy. Good prices and great product selection.

Chris Johnson
1 year ago
4 / 5

Hit and miss with good prices. Extremely wide selection. Cash or debit only.

glaucus 078@gmail.com
6 months ago
1 / 5

We came in on a Wednesday, July 6th at about 4:50. Brunette girl at checkout nearest to the doors couldn't even be bothered to speak a single word to anyone. Customers were saying "hello, how are you?" She would not respond. She would not help with the items, and would not answer any simple questions...... I asked her if she was okay, and after about ten different attempts from everyone to communicate with her, her only reply to me was an almost inaudible, "Yeah." After I paid for my items, she quickly walked away from the register, like she had done with everyone else.... This is a person on the front end, dealing with customers repeatedly......how many people need to have this kind of experience?

Saffron Starr
1 year ago