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Patton Pharmacy-Collierville

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Patton Pharmacy-Collierville
Patton Pharmacy-Collierville
Patton Pharmacy-Collierville
Patton Pharmacy-Collierville

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I have been using Patton Computers for over 5 years and I think this is a great place to go for purchasing equipment and service needs. They are all very friendly, very professional and are very customer service oriented. Billy Patton has always taken great care of me with my business and home technology needs.

5 / 5
Steve Thompson
10 months ago

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4 / 5

Pro: Fast, organized, friendly and helpful employees, some (spare...?) $3 CPUs and other cheap components can be found, fun racing simulator near the entrance Con: Some overpriced products (Amazon: $60, Patton:$80) I can't speak for them because I didn't get one, but the phone repairs seem lacking in quality. But if you're looking for PC components in a rush, this is the place. I went in to get a Corsair H55 liquid cooler. I was immediately offered help if I needed it. Friendly, chill staff. As I looked around for the cooler, I found everything well organized. I found the cooler, took it to the register, and it was all done in a few seconds. They also have a fun racing sim. near the entrance. (I think running DiRT) The setup is great, 3 pedals, gearshift (that you can't reach well with the seat's bolstering), controls, wheel with paddle shifters. Pretty nice. Only bad thing- overpriced on some things. It's not a chain store or anything so you obviously can't expect a ton of low prices on high value items, but the cooler is $60 on Amazon and was $80 at Patton.

Samuel Cai
3 months ago
1 / 5

I had a horrible experience here. They don't know what they're doing. Took a Samsung phone with a broken blurry camera, and their repair turned out to completely disable the camera. They kept having me coming several times to check different cameras and lenses, and after so many failures they convinced me it was not fixable. However, later it was repaired easily at iRepair Collierville . Due to their failures I had to buy a new phone, believing that the camera was never going to be fixed. I ended up spending a lot more money than I had to.

Nadeen Rahhal
20 days ago
1 / 5

Dealing with Patton Computers was an awful experience. I was a database manager for over 30 years before retirement, and I know good computer work when I see it. Patton was horrible. I had to make 5 trips (20 miles each way) before my laptop was fixed. I started with Windows 8.1 Home and my system developed system corruption. I took my laptop to Patton and explained I had a hybrid system with an SSD and a HDD. They installed Windows but did not activate Intel's Rapid Storage utilities meaning my laptop was ignoring the SSD completely. Another trip out to Collierville. Then it was one issue after another until it appeared they had the machine fixed. My laptop now had Windows 8.1 Pro instead of 10 Home. 2 years later, I got a message my license was about to expire. Windows systems do not expire on a legitimate installation. Another trip out to Collierville. They "fixed" the problem, but then there was another message 2 years later that my license was about to expire. At that point, I upgraded to 10 Pro because I just got sick and tired of their service. After the Windows Creator Update, my system files were again corrupted. After some research, I found out the version of Windows 8.1 Pro was a bootlegged version and my system became corrupted as a result. No trip to Collierville this time. I am going to use Cooper Systems from now on. They repaired my corruption, saving most of my environment in the process. Cooper Systems is my go to computer repair folks from now on.

Howard Gordon
4 months ago
1 / 5

Had Iphone 5 screen replaced and 2-3 days later home button fell out. My daughter was not able to find it so I took it in and they charged me for a new home button. Said they could not verify if it was an existing issue since the original home button was not provided. I said home button was fine and has never fallen out before screen was replaced. Guy told me no way to verify that. I said that is why you have a checklist of items you check off that are working before you accept the phone for repair. What good is that checklist for? Plus when I pay to have a screen replaced I assume all previous functionality would work the same. Not the case here, and although Patton computers are cheapest around I will not use them again since they do not stand by their service and try and pass the costs back to the customer for a poor repair job.

Son Nguyen
10 months ago