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Achorn Pharmacy

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Achorn Pharmacy

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I can't believe I cowered under the CVS cooperate conglomerate umbrella for so many years. The first time I filled a script there it was like seeing Oz in full technicolor for the first time. THANK YOU!

5 / 5
Jessica Shure
1 year ago

Achorns is by far the best pharmacy in Westport . The store is lovely , the staff highly attentive , and the pharmacy team is outstanding . Competent , professional and dedicated . They take care of refills and call when ready . We're very lucky to have them in town . We've been using them for years , lucky us!

5 / 5
Miriam Bakker
1 year ago

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5 / 5

Carey is the very best pharmacist I have known.

Arthur Ross
3 years ago
5 / 5

Carey and pharmacy team are great, they keep track of when my prescriptions are due, and call me to expect the delivery, which saves me time... It's nice to have that "home town feeling" from a retailer in today's "big box" store world... good job guys!!! thanks

Joe Grushkin
4 years ago
5 / 5

wow, this store was more than i expected. I left the doctors office just looking for a pharmacy to fill my script and i didnt want to go to cvs and i found achorn. when i first walked i was surprised and happy to see the merchandise they sell. from perfumes and colognes. to makeup stuff. i bought so much stuff that i didnt think to get, even stuff for my wife and kids. Im definately coming back again, because when i got home i realized i didnt fill my prescription which is what i went there in the first place.

elvi castaneda
5 years ago