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Eastland Pharmacy

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5 / 5


10 months ago
2 / 5

geez. i walked in to find a ton of $0.01 items and figured they’re a pharmacy surely carrying tiger balm. i went to the front counter and asked the lady in the dickies dress if she had any. she spoke english and as soon as she realized what i wanted she switched to her native language and acted like i had taken a dump on their dirty floor. i stood my ground and asked again she made a shoo face until the pharmacist recommended an american pharmacy. i swear colima and fullerton are located in an american city? considering all the junk they have lining the walls you’d think they’d carry medicated balm but not this place. no need for the attitude. i went straight to walgreens and bought $5 worth of tiger balm products for $38. you’d think this place would get a clue. only reason i’m giving them 2 stars is because the lady in the dickies dress looked nice in her outfit and her switch was laughable but otherwise what a horrid way to run a business or show courtesy to a fellow human being. no need for the attitude. don’t worry won’t bother your extremely busy store with ZERO patrons again. you’d think they were busy with work. it was more desolate than death valley @ 1pm during summer solstice.

Louis C
6 days ago
1 / 5

They don't speak English so if your American you won't get any help.

TheBeard Marley
1 month ago