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Medicine Maxx

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Medicine Maxx
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Medicine Maxx

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My goodness was I having a terrible day. I never expected this staff to be half as nice as they were because honestly, a lot of people wouldn't have been. I know they are in customer service, but so are many others, and not many would go above and beyond the way this team did. I can't thank them enough, I am grateful places, and people like them exist. Thank You truly thank you.

5 / 5
Jennifer ODell
8 months ago

I love Medicine Maxx. I'm from Winter garden and i wouldn't dare go to any other pharmacy. Everyone herenis super kind and professional.

5 / 5
Torrance Rhodes
9 months ago

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5 / 5

My mom gets her medicine from this pharmacy and we have never had a bad experience. They have the nicest staff and are so kind to all their customers.

alexis johnson
11 months ago
4 / 5

Very polite staff and very fast and efficient at getting your scripts filled. the only down fall is I live 15 miles away but I still come here anyways because of the staff and super staff..

donald coxe
8 months ago
1 / 5

The worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with. The pharmacist told me that I needed a letter to get syringes for my invalid father, and that I could come and get them anytime after that, then all of a sudden decides that he needs an individual prescription. Insinuating that I am a drug user in front of a room full of customers. I make a special trip to go to the doctor to get a prescription, and then he refuses to fill it unless I bring my father who is in hospice to come and get them. There is no law requiring a prescription to get a syringe in Florida, these people are playing God and should be ashamed. I can't wait until they are all replaced with machines.

Alex Ronan
3 months ago